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How Solar Security Lights can Improve Your Home’s Safety

UPDATE – Originally posted October 16, 2019 When planning outdoor lighting solutions for your home, safety should be a priority. You want your family and guests to feel safe and comfortable when walking to and from the house at night. A good solar security light ...
12W Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer

Reach the Height of Safety with the Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer

Whether it's outside your residence or commercial space, our 12W Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer will keep the coast clear. When it comes to intruder detection and protection, the dark is not your friend. Bright illumination is a terrific start to deterring unwanted visitors, ...

Protect Your Home from Intruders with Gama Sonic’s 6-Watt Solar Security Light

Designed to be mounted easily onto the side of a wall or secured to a pole, fitted with an integrated motion sensor, and constructed of rustproof resin, the 6-Watt Solar Security Light is a perfect security and lighting addition to any outdoor commercial or residential ...
What are PIR motion sensors?

What are PIR motion sensors and how do solar security lights use them?

A PIR motion sensor (PIR stands for "pyroelectric, or passive, infrared") is a device that detects movement and heat. These devices, also known as solar PIR units or IR sensors, create a grid that is triggered by changes to infrared energy levels. PIR Motion Sensors ...

All The Ideal Solar Options For Your Home

Summer will be here before you know it, and that means making full use of your yard to entertain family, friends, and guests. However, to get your yard ready to do so, you need to invest in a variety of essential items, including proper lighting. ...
Holiday Gift Giving

A Gift Guide for the Perfect Solar Lights for Your Friends

The holiday season is finally here, and with it comes the joy of discovering the perfect gifts for your closest friends. Each friend group is unique, but there are certain personality types that are common for everyone. These quirky characters are sometimes hard to shop ...