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How Solar Security Lights can Improve Your Home’s Safety

Posted in: , | October 16, 2019

When planning outdoor lighting solutions for your home, make safety a top priority. You don’t want your family or guests to feel uneasy when they’re walking to and from their car at night.

A solar security light provides visibility for people who often trip and stumble over obstacles at night. These fixtures also grant an area of safety with their brightness and motion-sensing technology. When you install a solar security light on your property, you can rest easy at night knowing that you will be able to see any dangers coming your way.  Learn more about the benefits of solar powered security lighting below.

Benefits of Solar Powered Security Lights

Shines Brightly Through The Night

The appeal of any security light stems from its ability to provide clear visibility through the night. When shopping for a solar security light, brightness and operating time are key deciding factors.

Gama Sonic recommends a brightness of 700-1300 lumens for a solar security floodlight. But a bright solar light won’t be effective if it stops running after only a few hours. Depending on the fixture, our solar security lights can run up to 12 hours on a fully charged battery. Solar lights that operate on motion sensing technology will turn on for 60-second intervals up to 150 times each night.

Solar security lights will deter late-night critters and teenagers from breaking curfew. You can finally enjoy a quiet, peaceful night of relaxation.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Installing a solar security light is easy. Find an area that receives plenty of sunlight during the day, and secure the fixture. An electrical light would force you to deal with the hassle of digging and trenching to hide wires. You will most likely have to hire someone else to properly install an electrical light. Solar security lights will save you time and money due to its simple installation capabilities.

These solar-powered fixtures can be implemented in more creative places. You don’t have to deal with limits that come with existing wiring. The lights can be installed in areas where electrical wires can’t go or would be unsafe, like on an off-grid cabin or close to a body of water.

A solar security light requires little maintenance. Your only concern is ensuring that the fixture receives plenty of sunlight. Dust, pollen, and snow will accumulate on the solar panel through the seasons. Wipe off these materials as needed. A solar light will operate year-round with its easy installation and maintenance.

Weather Resistant and Resilient

A solar security light contains crucial features like a solid frame and quality construction. The Gama Sonic GS-201 and GS-101 solar security lights feature a sturdy resin finish that won’t rust and an IP65 weather rating. These lights will operate through the seasons, no matter the weather. Poor-quality lights may fail you when you need them most due to regular wear. Gama Sonic’s solar security lights won’t let you down in that regard.

Motion Sensors Deter Home Invaders

The key function of a solar security light is to protect your home from unwanted guests. Having a light with a motion sensor will help decrease your risk of a home invasion. In a dimly-lit neighborhood, a midnight thief will be confident in their endeavors. When they approach your home and solar security light, they will be caught off guard by the sudden spotlight.

With a wide range of detection and coverage area, a Gama Sonic solar security light will make any home invader think twice. When this wrongdoer knows that you can see them coming, they will leave your property.

Gama Sonic Solar Security Lights with Motion Sensors

When shopping for security lights, you want a fixture that will provide you with the best protection. Motion sensing technology gives you an edge over thieves and other unwanted guests. This element of surprise is a must if you want to spend your nights worry-free.

Gama Sonic provides a wide variety of solar security lights with motion-sensing technology. The different styles featured in our fixtures will work well with any outdoor area. With so many choices, deciding on the perfect solar security light can seem daunting. We have provided breakdowns of our products for this reason.

6W Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor GS-101

This light features a compact design and waterproof enclosure. The GS-101 is a green alternative to typical electrical security lights. The motion-sensing technology has a 140° detection zone and can pick up movement from up to 40 feet away. In the dead of night, the GS-101 provides excellent visibility. This light shines a strong 720 lumens upon activation.

After installing the GS-101 to your outdoor space, you can rest easy each night. This light will alert you of any nighttime critters in your yard or other uninvited guests. You’ll never have to worry about surprise intruders when you have the GS-101 set up in your area.

12W Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor GS-201

Solar Security Light | GS201If you like the GS-101 but need a solar light that is one step up, the GS-201 is a perfect choice. With a larger frame, an increase in lumens, and a better run time, this solar security light has it all. Despite its size, the GS-201 has a very low profile and blends in with any area. This light can be mounted anywhere, so long as it has access to direct sunlight.

There are many benefits to having this solar security light as part of your home’s safety measures. You can find everything you need to know about this light and more when you view 10 reasons why we love the GS-201.

Victorian Series – Solar Lamp With Motion Sensor 94BS50033

This light offers a well balanced pairing of sophistication and security. The 94BS50033 features a sleek, powder-coated black finish. The solar lantern inside is rust-resistant and cast aluminum. The 19th-century design is married to modern advancements. The motion sensing technology in the light can detect movement up to 20 feet away.

Illuminate your elegant landscape with the sophisticated 94BS50033. When you come home late at night, you don’t have to worry about tripping over unseen obstacles. This solar lamp provides instant visibility to anyone who approaches.

Automatically Operated

Any solar-powered light will give you the benefit of automatic operation. Security lights are no exception. The sensors in the light can detect the change from day to night, and will automatically turn on and off accordingly. You never have to worry about remembering to flip a switch.

This feature comes in handy for those who come in late each night from work or other engagements. Instead of fumbling for a switch and worrying about unseen threats, your solar security light will activate as you approach. You will be able to see the way to your door, and you won’t stumble over obstacles in the dark.

Saves on Energy Costs

One key factor that causes hesitancy in buying security lights is the cost. People ask themselves: Can I afford another bill? Is it worth draining my savings? With solar-powered security lights, these worries are not necessary.

Because the lights are powered by the sun, your utility bills won’t be affected. An electronically powered security light will make you wince at your monthly bill. Solar security lights will happily operate through the night at no extra cost to you.

Where to Buy Solar Security Lights

Now that you are aware of the many benefits a solar security light will bring to your home, it’s time to take the next step. Gama Sonic’s solar security lights have many styles and features to suit your unique needs. You can browse through our solar security and shed lights in our online store with ease.

Improve your home’s security with our solar lighting solutions. Our products will help you spend your nights feeling safe and secure. Call us anytime with questions about our solar security lights: 1-800-835-4113

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