About Us

Who we are

Gama Sonic is an innovative world leader in upscale, bright and durable solar lighting for homes, businesses, and outdoor spaces. We develop, manufacture, and market residential and commercial grade, energy-efficient, outdoor solar-powered lighting products, including stylish and sustainable solar post lights, solar lamp posts, solar garden lights, solar yard lights, solar path lights, solar security lights and solar landscape lighting.

Our Vision

Reimagining solar lighting. Gama Sonic aspires to brighten the world using our most abundant natural resource. Make our homes, neighborhoods, and businesses safer and more beautiful than ever before by reimagining solar lighting.

Our Mission

To provide solar lighting solutions that replace traditional electric and gas exterior fixtures without compromising quality and illumination performance.

Gama Sonic brings continuous innovation with proprietary outdoor solar lighting technology to the market.

We dismantle old systems and processes in outdoor solar lighting and create new innovative solutions. While solar-powered products have been around for years, Gama Sonic engineers create rechargeable, durable, and bright outdoor solar lighting solutions that outshine and outlast the competition through our patented technologies. Gama Sonic has over twenty Design and Utility Patents.

Our innovations allow customers to enjoy a beautiful, reliable, cost-effective investment for their outdoor solar lighting needs.

Gama Sonic solar lamp posts have a patented cone technology that effectively disperses light.

Gama Sonic’s patented cone technology allows our solar lamp posts to disperse light more effectively by spreading the directional LED rays out and around light fixtures

The GS Solar LED Light Bulb replicates the familiar look, feel, and performance of the traditional incandescent light bulb

Gama Sonic’s GS Solar LED Light Bulb is similar to standard incandescent lights but incorporates our patented outdoor solar lighting benefits.
Gama Sonic’s Morph Solar Panel Technology “morphs” the solar panel into the outdoor solar light fixture.

Morph Solar Panel Technology is our ground-breaking process of capturing more power from the sun. We mold monocrystalline solar cells to the surface of the fixture, "morphing" the solar panel into the outdoor solar light fixture

Translucent Solar Panel (TSP) is an industry-changing technology that transforms the solar light fixture's largest surface areas into solar panels: the glass panes. This innovative technology embeds the monocrystalline solar cells into the glass, maximizing the power from the sun.

Gama Sonic’s Translucent Solar Panel (TSP) is an innovative technology that transform’s our outdoor solar light fixtures glass panes into solar panels.
Gama Sonic’s Automatic Tracking System (ATS) technology allows consumers to track the sun to maximize how we charge outdoor solar lights.

Automatic Tracking System (ATS) technology revolutionizes how we maximize the sun's rays in charging solar lights. This technology, previously only used in large solar farms, is now available to the consumer to track the sun throughout the day and provides a longer lasting and brighter light

We Make Cutting-Edge Solar Technology Beautiful with Our Stylish Outdoor Solar Lights

A technologically advanced product will not mean much if it does not enhance its environment's visual aesthetic. We constantly stay ahead of the design curve by creating and testing product casings that fit a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. From the simple to sophisticated and from traditional to modern, we have beautifully crafted designs that meet our customer’s needs.



Gama Sonic’s commercial solar lighting keeps costs down without making compromises on quality.

One of the challenges communities face today is keeping costs down without making compromises on quality. Our innovative solar powered technology harnesses energy from the sun to significantly reduce installation costs and energy bills, delivering an overall superior experience with beautifully designed commercial grade solar lights.


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Gama Sonic’s beautifully designed solar lighting products come in many shapes and forms to fit different application needs. From decorative solar post lights, solar wall lights, landscape and pathway solar lights, deck and fences solar lights to security and utility solar lights. We help homeowners achieve a notable exterior home upgrade with very little effort or cost, inviting them to give their home an impressive, yet quick and easy facelift with upscale solar lighting.

Our Story

Gama Sonic started offering outdoor solar light solutions internationally in 1995.
Gama Sonic expanded internationally
Gama Sonic opened its US solar lighting operations in Atlanta, Georgia in 2004.
Opening its US solar light operations in Atlanta, Georgia
Gama Sonic's solar wall light is one of our many patented innovations in outdoor solar lighting.
Gama Sonic introduces numerous patented innovations in solar lighting to provide unbeatable, beautifully designed, durable, and bright solar lighting solutions
Gama Sonic's commercial solar lights can be used in parks, communities and cites.
Gama Sonic launches its commercial series solar lights, installed in parks, communities, and cities across North America, bringing a real maintenance-free, eco-friendly, and cost-effective alternative to traditional pedestrian lighting
Gama Sonic was recognized as a Top Solar Energy Tech company in 2020.

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