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Reach the Height of Safety with the Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer

Whether it’s outside your residence or commercial space, our 12W Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer will keep the coast clear. When it comes to intruder detection and protection, the dark is not your friend. Bright illumination is a terrific start to deterring unwanted visitors, particularly when combined with Constant-ON and motion-sensing technology.

The Solar Area Light can act as a Constant-ON area light or automatically turn on when movement is detected, eliminating the need for an off-on switch to be manually operated. A timer switch lets you control the time duration for added efficiency and safety.

Installable to a wall or post, the light is versatile, blending into its environment with its compact, neutral appearance and shining brightly when needed no matter the weather. Its solar energy use means there is also no need to worry about the complications that come with the wiring.

For residential and commercial sheds, walkways, and much more, the Solar Area Light with Motion Sensor and Timer offers a top-notch first line of defense.

 12W Solar Area Light With Motion Sensing and Timer 201iS60822

Two Modes of Operation

two-modes-of-operationThe Solar Area Light with Motion Sensor and Timer may be activated by two modes: ON mode and PIR mode.

ON Mode: In this mode, the light stays on at 500 lumens for 4 hours, after which the light reduces to 100 lumens and increases back to 500 once motion is detected. This mode is what makes this a standout Area Light.


PIR Mode: When the light’s motion sensor detects movement, the light will shine at 1440 lumens in bright white (6000K), illuminating the area and scaring off potential trespassers.


The light’s timer switch works on both operation settings and allows you to decide on the duration (up to 8 hours) that the Solar Area Light will be turned on. Should you fall asleep or forget, the light will still operate when it needs to protect your surroundings without using unnecessary energy. Note that setting the timer to 0 will return the light to dusk-to-dawn function.

Post Mount or Wall Mount

While keeping the light in a sunny spot, choose whether to have your light post-mounted or wall-mounted. Whatever your preference may be, installation is simple, and the light arrives with all the essential installation items, ready to be of service.

 12W Solar Area Light With Motion Sensing and Timer 201iS60822

Weather and Complications Resistance

Just because it’s green does not make it any weaker. With its ABS plastic exterior and IP65 weather rating, the Solar Area Light can handle harsh temperatures. Additionally, thanks to the light being fully powered by solar energy, no electrical or gas wiring are necessary (no need to worry about tangling, sparking, leaks, or weather-related wire wear).

Visit our product page to learn more about the 12W Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer or call Gama Sonic at 1-800-835-4112 for more information.

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