Achieve cost savings and create safe and welcoming neighborhoods. Explore our beautifully designed, durable, and bright commercial grade solar lighting featuring our innovative technology of solar panels integrated directly into the light fixtures.

Upgrade Your Neighborhood with Innovative Commercial Grade Solar Lighting

Light up your pedestrian areas with efficient, sustainable commercial solar lights that improve the aesthetics in your neighborhood while simultaneously saving the association money in installation costs and ongoing energy bills.

Our commercial grade solar lighting for HOAs makes neighborhoods more desirable, safer, adds more visual appeal, requires very little maintenance, and can increase residents’ satisfaction. Use the sun as a free, renewable resource instead of paying to light up your neighborhood while showing your residents a stronger commitment to cost saving and sustainable energy solutions.

Gama Sonic commercial grade Solar Lights have integrated solar panels that are part of the fixture, so they look like traditional lights but provide the cost-saving benefits of solar to high-traffic pedestrian areas with bright and beautifully designed lighting solutions and no wiring, digging or trenching costs.

Benefits for hoas

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Put money back into your HOA by eliminating monthly ongoing energy bills and costly lighting installation.

eco icon

Eco Friendly

Invest in your HOA’s commitment to a more sustainable future. Use the sun as a free, renewable resource while reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

no wiring

No Wiring

Install our commercial solar lights in minutes with no wiring, digging, or trenching required.

5 years icon

5-Year Warranty

All of Gama Sonic’s commercial solar lights come with a 5-year warranty.

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See How Gama Sonic commercial solar lights helped HOAs achieve cost savings with beautifully designed and maintenance-free lighting

Gama Sonic solar lights continue to receive complimentsand praise from our community.

We live on a desert, so our activity is the greatest when the sun goes down. The new lights are just perfect. They are beautiful and definitely make a statement to the community. At dusk, they slowly start their magic of shedding limited lighting and when it is totally dark, they are at full lighting

Debbie Kissinger
Coronado Townhouse Association Board Member

Commercial grade solar lighting in HOAs

Commercial grade solar post light with a sleek style

A Modern Style commercial grade solar post light with a motion sensor and a timer optiond

An innovative commercial grade solar post light featuring our Morph technology

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