RV Parks & Campgrounds

Achieve cost savings and added security with beautifully designed, bright, and durable commercial grade lighting solutions for RV Parks & Campgrounds featuring our integrated solar panel technology

Upgrade Your RV Parks & Campgrounds with Innovative Commercial Grade Solar Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a crucial asset to RV Parks & Campgrounds with high pedestrian traffic areas, spacious grounds, and outdoor activities. Switching out traditional outdoor lighting to commercial solar lighting offers durability, cost savings and a more energy sustainable solution.

Gama Sonic commercial grade Solar Lights have integrated solar panels that are part of the fixture, so they look like traditional lights but provide the cost-saving benefits of solar to high-traffic pedestrian areas with bright and beautifully designed lighting solutions and no wiring, digging or trenching costs.

Our commercial grade solar lighting provides more safeguards to increase safety and security at RV Parks & Campgrounds. With their weather resistant construction, they are a safe lighting choice for any part of the country.

Benefits for RV Parks & Campgrounds

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Enjoy zero energy costs when switching to commercial grade solar lights with no costly installation. Enjoy a free, renewable energy source to brighten your RV Parks & Campgrounds from dusk to dawn.

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Eco Friendly

A more sustainable lighting solution provides a better future for commercial locations by reducing the carbon footprint of these spacious sites while increasing customer satisfaction.

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Weather Resistant

Weather resistant and rust resistant (IP65) construction make commercial grade solar lights a durable and reliable asset within your RV Park & Campgrounds.

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5-Year Warranty

All Gama Sonic commercial grade solar lights come with a 5-year warranty.

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What our customers are saying about us

See How Gama Sonic commercial solar lights helped RV Parks and Campgrounds achieve cost savings with beautifully designed and maintenance-free lighting

Very reliable and no maintenance whatsoever.

I never had any problems since they were installed here. NEVER. The winter is brutal around here so just to know that despite all the wind and snowstorm here these lights are still up that says a lot.

Gerald Isaacs
Assistant General Manager
Sun Outdoor Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Commercial grade solar lighting in RV Parks & Campgrounds

Big-city solar lamp post with a small-town feel

Commercial grade solar post light with a sleek style

A Durable commercial grade solar post light with warm white or bright white adjustable settings

A Modern Style commercial grade solar post light with a motion sensor and a timer option

Super bright security light with an adjustable motion sensor or ‘always on’ settings

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