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All The Ideal Solar Options For Your Home

Summer will be here before you know it, and that means making full use of your yard to entertain family, friends, and guests. However, to get your yard ready to do so, you need to invest in a variety of essential items, including proper lighting. Depending on the size of your yard and your lighting preferences, that may mean investing in dozens of different lights. At Gama Sonic, we offer a wide variety of solar options to meet your lighting needs, especially for your yard/outdoor area.

Why Go Solar?

A lot of people may still be on the fence when it comes to solar lighting, so let’s take a rapid-fire look at some of the major reasons why you may want to get on board:

Eco-friendly: While we won’t harp too much on this issue, all signs point to the fact that we all need to do our part to try and reduce our carbon footprint for the sake of the environment. Compared to something like shifting your current vehicle to a hybrid/electric one, moving to solar outdoor lighting is a far easier way for you to do your part. In fact, it’s even easier to implement than say, solar panels on your roof.

Long-term cost savings: If you were to round up a group of people reluctant to get into solar lighting, and ask them their reasoning, most likely their main point would be that it costs too much to get into. However, you need to think about the long-term. While the initial installation cost may be more for solar, you’re going to be swapping out potentially dozens of electric bulbs in the time that it takes to go through one solar bulb. So, if you plan on entertaining in a yard for a while, it’s likely that solar lighting is going to be a better match for you.

Increase your home value: Let’s stay that you don’t have any permanent plans for your home, though, and know you’ll move down the line. Solar lighting may be a good idea here, also. Statistics show that solar lighting systems are likely to contribute to a higher sale price when it comes to a home. Considering the long-term benefits you get while you’re living there, also, this is a nice, simple way to increase sale value, compared to say, a complex renovation.


Solar Deck Lighting

Here’s a sampling of Gama Sonic’s options for deck lighting:

Gama Sonic Gothic Solar Post Cap Light: Functional lighting is often an essential addition for patios, decks, and fences alike. These cap lights come in a black or white color frame to match a patio that needs extra brightness. You can adjust the brightness with the Hi/LO mode switch as well. Each light is powered by a single Li-ion battery. It has a runtime of 37 hours in low mode and 21 hours in its high mode.

Baytown II Bulb Solar Hanging Light GS-105B-CX: Depending on the size of your deck, it may be a sizable task to try and keep the area fully lit. This option is up to the job though, with a 360 degree-spread similar to your conventional incandescent bulb. Simply mount the bracket on a stable structure and set the panel in an area with direct sunlight, and you’re good to go. No added wiring needed here. You can also operate your light remotely when it’s installed.

Solar Walkway Lighting

Use the power of solar energy to light your walkways with this selection:

Solar Garden Light Shepherd Hook – 148101: This is a great option to easily illuminate the areas around your walkways and add a little curb appeal to your home at the same time. One great highlight is its versatility. You can stake them to the ground along your walkway. While the battery fully charges during the day, you’ll get 8 hours of operation at night with 80 lumens of output.

Premier Garden Dual Light: Need a quick fix for lighting along your walkway? This two-pack is the perfect option. All you need to do is decide where you want to stake the solar lights and put them in. No added electrical work required.

Gated Entry Lighting

Here are some of the options we have in terms of gated entry lighting.

Gama Sonic Polaris Bollard Solar Light: Solar post lighting is a great accent to entry gates and this post is an ideal option. We specifically created the Polaris series to manage the rigors of a coastal environment. For example, by implementing a resin finish, you have all the UV protection you need to handle UV rays without color fading. Installation is simple, taking minutes and requiring no complex wiring to set up. To charge the battery, you’ll need around 6 hours of direct sunlight, but you get automatic dusk-to-dawn operation with a full charge.

6W Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor GS-101: This security lighting is great to illuminate gated areas. It’s compact, clean look has an integrated panel and 30 LEDs. It’s also designed to be as easy to implement and maintain as possible, with a weatherproof enclosure and no added electrical work. Note that while it’s made to work at night, no light comes from the device until motion is detected.

Gama Sonic Warm White Or Bright White 2W Solar Flood Light GS-203: This light has a beam spread of around 68 feet in width and 49 feet in height, making it easy to illuminate any dark areas on your property or just light up an entire patio while you’re entertaining guests. Each of the LEDs is protected with reflective housing and an acrylic lens. Note that if you want to use it, this will cost around 5 hours of direct sunshine on the panel. At full charge, it lasts around 20 hours. You have several quick installation options with the stake mounts and flat base mounts.

Answering Your Solar Lighting Questions

To close the conversation, let’s clear up a few questions you may have regarding Gama Sonic solar lighting.

How long do your products last?

All of our lights are powered with our patented GS Solar Light Bulb. You get a 10-year lifespan as well as a refined look that resembles a conventional bulb, but gives you all the benefits of solar lighting. Considering the shorter lifespan that even an LED bulb has, and you’re certainly getting your money’s worth with us.

What separates Gama Sonic lights from other solar lights?

 We’ve gone to great efforts to try and use the latest technology in our lighting materials. This starts with a cone reflector to expand light dispersal from LEDs in our overall light fixtures. Along with this, we utilize an EZ-Anchor system so you can even install a full-sized post without the need for concrete or additional tools. Notably, though, our technology allows you to convert every hour of direct sun on fixture panels to 1.5 hours of light at night.

What type of warranty do you have?

 Because we go to great lengths to ensure product/manufacturing quality, we try to provide backing behind our products. This starts with a two-year limited warranty for all solar lights. You can also reach out to our customer support team if you have any questions or concerns before or after your purchase.


Can we recycle our Gama Sonic Lights when we’re done with them?

The tempered glass that houses Gama Sonic’s Solar LED light bulb is a recyclable material. The cast aluminum frame of our solar lights is also recyclable. Always contact your local recycling center if you have questions about the materials you are planning on bringing in.

 When it comes to setting up your home for summer entertainment and your own personal use, solar not only has its eco-friendly benefits but practical and aesthetic ones as well. It’s important that you work with the right industry partner that will juggle all these considerations when it comes to your home. Gama Sonic does just that, with thousands of solar lighting options for homes, businesses, and outdoor spaces.

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