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Create safe and welcoming park sites with cost-efficient, beautifully designed, bright commercial grade solar lighting featuring our integrated solar panels

Light Up Your Parks and High-Traffic Pedestrian Areas with Innovative Commercial Grade Solar Lighting Solutions

A welcoming and safe environment are key in the success of any park or high-traffic pedestrian site. Lighting up parks and other pedestrian areas at night has a tremendous impact on crime, traffic and satisfaction (A NYC study found parks lighting can cut crime by 39%). Park lights also allow daytime activities to extend into the evening hours for sports, walking, and other outdoor activities.

Gama Sonic’s commercial grade solar lights have integrated solar panels that are part of the fixture, so they look like traditional lights but provide the cost-saving benefits of solar to high-traffic pedestrian areas with bright and beautifully designed lighting solutions. With no wiring, digging or trenching needed, commercial grade solar lights in park sites offer cost efficient installation in addition to cost efficient maintenance with no monthly energy bills.

Benefits for parks and recreation

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Create a Safe and Welcoming Environment

Lighting has shown to reduce crime and increase traffic and satisfaction in park areas. A safe and welcoming environment are key in the success of any public park.

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

NO monthly energy bills, NO digging, trenching, or wiring, or any other high installation costs.

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Easy Installation

Install your commercial solar lights in minutes wherever light is required. No wiring, digging, or trenching is needed for installation.

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Reduce Vandalism

Gama Sonic Commercial solar lighting come with anti-theft hardware (available in selected models). The use of solar energy instead of hard wires eliminates any damages associated with copper theft.

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What our customers are saying about us

See How Gama Sonic commercial solar lights helped Park & Recreation sites achieve cost savings with beautifully designed and maintenance-free lighting

We didn’t have to sacrifice our quality of light.

The lights at the park are fantastic. We chose Gama Sonic over the traditional lighting system because they still provide the same amount of brightness, the installation costs were much lower, and the lights fantastically work from dusk to dawn providing a great amount of light to make sure our walkers feel safe and secure

Cy Almond
Mebane Community Park Supervisor

Commercial grade solar lighting in Parks & Recs

A cost and energy efficient solution to illuminate monuments, signage, foliage and more

A Modern Style commercial grade solar post light with a motion sensor and a timer option

An innovative commercial grade solar post light featuring our Morph technology

Commercial grade solar post light with a sleek style

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