Achieve cost savings and security with beautifully designed, bright, and durable commercial grade lighting solutions for Municipalities, featuring our integrated solar panel technology

Upgrade your high-traffic pedestrian areas with innovative commercial solar lighting

Enjoy long-term cost savings with commercial solar lighting in your communities. Illuminate walkways, streets, parks and any other high-traffic pedestrian areas, or easily replace dated traditional outdoor lighting using cost efficient and energy sustainable commercial solar lights to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for residents.

More city and government officials are seeing the advantages of switching to commercial solar lighting throughout towns and cities with more emphasis being placed on sustainable lighting solutions. Whether placed in parks, streets, landmarks, surrounding fire houses, police stations and more, our commercial solar lights will contribute towards saving your community money while improving security and safety.

Benefits for Municipalities

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient

Cost savings for your Municipality with no monthly energy bills and costly installations.

eco icon

Eco Friendly

Reduce the carbon footprint of your Municipality by using the sun’s free, renewable energy to light up your communities at night.

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Weather Resistant

Weather resistant and rust resistant (IP65) construction makes commercial solar lights a durable and reliable asset to your communities.

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5-Year Warranty

All Gama Sonic commercial grade solar lights come with a 5-year warranty.

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Commercial grade solar lighting in Municipalities

Big-city solar lamp post with a small-town feel

Commercial grade solar post light with a sleek style

A Durable commercial grade solar post light with warm white or bright white adjustable settings

A Modern Style commercial grade solar post light with a motion sensor and a timer option

Super bright security light with an adjustable motion sensor or ‘always on’ settings

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