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Is Solar Lighting Right For My Yard?

Posted in: , | March 10, 2021

It’s time to let the individuality of your yard shine. Each yard is different, carrying a unique set of characteristics–some you love and some works in progress. If yours is lacking some shine, you’ve likely done your research and found that solar outdoor lighting cuts down on power bills, lowers your impact on the environment, and enhances the look and feel of your yard. You might wonder if solar lighting could be the answer.

The short answer: Yes. But of course, there is more to the decision. A myriad of solar outdoor lighting solutions is available out there to suit any yard needs. To find the right one for you, you must take inventory of your yard’s features, which is why we’ve created a list of the three most essential elements to consider when deciding on solar lighting.

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Direct Sunlight

As the name implies, solar lighting demands exposure to sunlight. To get the most functionality out of solar light, the more direct sunlight a solar panel receives, the better.

How much direct sunlight does a solar light need? As a general rule, 4-6 hours of direct sunlight (or hours spent in minimal shade) are necessary to charge the battery fully. As you evaluate your yard for the best spot for solar lighting, make sure there is little blocking the sun overhead.

Nighttime Light Interference Potential

Some solar lights, and indeed many Gama Sonic offers, come with Dusk-to-Dawn technology, which allows them to automatically turn on at dusk and power down once the sun rises. This feature is worth considering when choosing a light for your yard, as it removes an extra hassle, improves security, along with other advantages you can read about here.

To make sure a light with Dusk-to-Dawn sensors works seamlessly, it’s necessary to remove any light interference. Light interference is any light source or reflection that could trick the photosensor into thinking it is no longer night and thus cause the light to turn off. Avoid this happening by choosing a space in your yard clear of such potential.

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Any existing landscaping in your yard is something that a solar outdoor light will have to accommodate, but that should not be a cause for concern! Whether you need to light existing paths, walls, fences, or just empty space, solar light can work for you.

Existing Path

Any walkways or paths in your yard will require strategically placed lights that bring out the path’s personality and everything around it. If you are struggling to choose path lights, this blog post may be of assistance.

For classic options with plenty of highlighting potential, we’d recommend the Premier Garden Dual Light – Set of 2 or the Contemporary Square Solar Path Light with 3 Ground Stake Mounting Options.
Gama Sonic Premier Solar Garden Light GS-139Contemporary Square Solar Path Light with 3 Ground Stake Mounting Options 117i90080

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Walls or fences

Fences and walls are also efficiently utilized for lighting /s/photos/landscaping?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyTextin your yard. Harmonize that vertical feature with the rest of the space by adding the right wall light for you, a task which we can walk you through over on this blog post.

Two of our favorites are the Royal Bulb Solar Light with GS Solar Light Bulb and the Infinity Solar Up and Down Wall Light.

Wall Light

GS-120 Solar Lamps

Empty space

A blank canvas is, of course, the easiest to work with. Solar post lights are excellent for a gap in your landscaping that deserves some pizazz.

We’ve written on how to choose a transformative solar post light here and warmly recommend the Windsor Bulb Solar Light with 3 Mounting Options and the Baytown II Bulb Solar Light with GS Light Bulb.


Gama Sonic Baytown II Bulb Solar Post Light GS-105B-FPW Application

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