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How to Get Zero Hassle Wall Mounted Lights 

Outdoor wall lights illuminate entrances into a home, their glow setting the ambiance. These quintessential greeters welcome and enhance the personality of any external space. Sadly, despite their potential, adding wall mounted lights that suit one’s preferences can sound like too big of a task. What about the wiring? The installation process? How much can wall mounted lights really do for you anyway?

All complications melt away when you consider solar wall lights. These outdoor lights’ simplicity and efficiency allow you to add character and security to your home without breaking a sweat. As we walk you through the installation process and the three significant categories of use for outdoor solar wall lights, we hope you gain a better understanding of solar wall lights and decide for yourself whether they might be the right choice for you.


Don’t be put off by the idea of complicated installation for your outdoor wall lights. The beauty of solar lighting is that no wiring or technical know-how is required, unlike electrical or gas lamps. There are 4 easy steps to installing Gama Sonic solar wall lights:

  1. Remove your lamp’s light cover and insert the GS solar light bulb.
  2. Switch your light to the desired setting(s) and replace the cover.
  3. After choosing a spot that will allow the light to receive 2-3 hours of direct sunlight, drill two small holes into the wall and insert the provided anchors.
  4. Attach the light fixture using provided screws.

All GS solar lights come with the necessary hardware to install your chosen lamp to your wall, and a clear instruction manual will take you through the simple steps of connecting the lamp to the wall.

Prefer a visual? We created a video to demonstrate this quick process.

Categories of Use


A well-lit home is indeed a safer home, but there’s a way to up the ante: motion sensors. If security is your number one concern when looking for outdoor lights, motion sensors as an added feature to a wall lamp are crucial.

The range of detection on motion sensors vary, which is something to consider when choosing your light. Once installed, these motion sensor lights will automatically turn on when motion is detected. This works as a way to both safely light your way home and scare away any uninvited guests.

If you’re in the market for that extra security, Gama Sonic has cutting edge options. Our Solar Barn Light with Motion Sensor features 20 feet of range of motion sensing. Should the sensor trigger, the light will automatically turn on its bright white LEDs at 150 Lumens for 45 seconds.

Solar barn light with PIR motion sensor

Another stellar option, our 12W Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer, has 40 feet of detection range and may be activated by one of two modes: ON or PIR mode. With its customizable timer settings you can choose between 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 hours of operation, or dusk-to-dawn operation. To read more about the 12W Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer, click here.

12W Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer

Hassle-Free Utility

Are you concerned about having to remember to turn all your outdoor lights on and off? If you’re looking for a solution, wall lights with dusk-to-dawn technology are your friends. Wherever you place them, on your front entrance, porch, the wall facing your yard, once the sun goes down, these lights will automatically start to glow, and upon sunlight detection, they will stop.

Three of our favorite dusk-to-dawn wall lights are the Infinity Up and Down Wall Light, which also features external intensity setting options, the Orion Solar Wall Lamp, designed with brand new Morph technology, and the Baytown II Bulb Outdoor Solar Wall Sconce, perfect for those who favor warm white light (2700K). These sleek, modern lights will mean no more frustration because you forgot to turn off the porch light.

Infinity Solar Up and Down Wall Light GS-120

Orion Solar Wall Lamp GS-123W by Gama Sonic

Baytown II Sconce


As you work to build the desired look for your home’s exterior, any outdoor light needs to match the style and mood you want. Luckily, outdoor solar wall lights come in all shapes and sizes, as well as light temperatures. Pick the lamp that best suits your aesthetic with the bulb that puts out just the right kind of brightness, be it a warm glow or high shine.

For playful, luxurious charm, we’d suggest the Flora Bulb Solar Light with 3-in-1 Mounting Options. This gorgeous light has previously been our Light of the Month, so there’s plenty more to read about it here.


For more regal elegance, Royal Bulb Wall Mount Solar Lamp in Weathered Bronze stands out. This lamp’s looks combine with longevity, thanks to a Lithium-ion battery pack that will run for about 1,000 charges.

Royal Bulb Wall Mount Solar Lamp with GS-Solar LED Light Bulb GS-98B-W-WB

Are you searching for a solar light that fits a more antique, industrial look? Take a look at the Solar Coach Lantern in Weathered Bronze. Both charming and tough, this light is powered by a patented GS LED solar bulb, emitting a warm white light.

Solar Coach Lantern with GS Solar LED Light Bulb GS-1B-WB

Curious for more? For a detailed, all-encompassing rundown of how to choose the right wall light for you, we’ve also written an Ultimate Guide to Wall Lights.

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