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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Wall Lights

Posted in: | January 22, 2020

If you want to improve your outdoor space, adding various light fixtures is the perfect place to start. External lighting adds form and function to yard and patio areas. Whether you want to throw a massive soiree on your lawn or kick back on your porch solo, carefully placed outdoor wall lights will make your home more safe and welcoming.

While you consider the best place for your outdoor wall light, here is a full guide with everything you need to know to get the most out of these fixtures.

What Are Outdoor Wall Lights?

Any light designed for you to mount it on an exterior wall is an outdoor wall light. Outdoor wall light fixtures come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are perfect for providing visibility to pathways and outdoor areas after the sun goes down.

Outdoor wall light features vary depending on brand and price, and their longevity will vary based on these factors as well. For those seeking a stylish outdoor wall light that won’t rust and will stand the test of time, it’s essential to do plenty of research to find the best brand for your needs. This guide will help you make an informed decision on the best outdoor wall light for your home.

How to Wire Outdoor Wall Lights

When shopping for outdoor wall lights, a key component to consider is installation. If you choose to own an electrical outdoor wall light, keep in mind that the wiring of the light will limit where you can place the fixture.

If you want to avoid this hassle, then you’ll need to shop for outdoor wall lights with no wiring required for installation, like solar powered outdoor wall lights. At Gama Sonic, we have a wide variety of products that will suit your needs and save you time, money, and effort.

Outdoor wall lights

Choosing The Right Size for Your Outdoor Wall Light

One of the most important technical aspects to consider when shopping for an outdoor wall light is size. If your fixture is too large or too small for your installation area, then you won’t be able to use the light to its full capability. Researching dimensions, wall space, clearance, and ADA compliance will ensure that the product you pick is perfect for your outdoor area.


All outdoor wall lights will have the assembled fixture’s dimensions stated clearly on the product page and packaging. You can confidently purchase an outdoor wall light that will perfectly fit your space by measuring the area where you want to place the fixture. If you use these measurements as a guide, you won’t have to worry about your outdoor wall light being too large or too small for your space.

Wall Space

When visualizing your wall light in your outdoor area, remember to take into consideration the amount of wall space you have to work with. You don’t want your wall to appear cluttered, but you also want to be able to take advantage of the space you have. You can find a happy medium by measuring the wall area that you plan to use for your outdoor light. If you stay within these parameters, your finished outdoor space will appear well-balanced.

Clearance for Pedestrians

If you are a business owner, one of the many functions of your outdoor wall light is to prevent hazards by illuminating them. You don’t want your fixture to be a hazard itself. Pay attention to where you install your outdoor wall light. Are customers at risk of bumping their heads on the fixture?

To get the most out of your light, you must install it in an area that is both out of the way and in need of a strong light source at night. When done correctly, the proper installation of an outdoor wall light provides safety and visibility for any commercial area.

ADA Compliance

For commercial settings that are required to adhere to ADA guidelines, it’s important to take note of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in regards to outdoor wall light restrictions. A key ADA guideline for wall lights is that a light must protrude no more than 4-inches from the wall that it is mounted upon if the fixture is to be installed between 2-foot-4-inches and 6-foot-8-inches above a finished floor. All fixtures with more than a 4-foot depth will need to be installed above 6-foot-8-inches from the floor.

Please visit the Americans with Disabilities Act website for a full list of rules and regulations for commercial properties.

Long-Lasting Outdoor Wall Lights

If you are looking for a light that will operate for years to come, choose any fixture sold by Gama Sonic. We manufacture our outdoor solar lights with a sturdy, rust-resistant, or rustproof frame. The solar LED light bulbs in our fixtures are made from state-of-the-art technology that emulates a traditional light bulb without using electric power. All of our lights are entirely solar-powered, making installation easy and saving energy.

life of a light bulb

Different Types of Outdoor Wall Lights

Every outdoor wall light has a specific purpose. Whether you need decorative lighting, task lighting, security lighting, or a combination, there is an outdoor light for your unique needs. Below are just a few examples of outdoor wall lights.

Outdoor Wall Lights for Security

If you are concerned about home safety, then an outdoor security light is your solution. These fixtures shine much brighter than an average outdoor light. Some models may include a sensor that activates the security light when it detects motion. A common type of motion-sensing technology is the Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR), which uses infrared light to detect movement.

Outdoor Wall Lights with Motion Sensing Capabilities

Gama Sonic has a wide array of solar security lights that rely on motion sensing technology. The bright white light these fixtures emit will deter home invaders and other unwelcome guests. Installation is simple, and you never have to worry about remembering to plug in a wire or flip a switch. View our solar security lights below:

solar barn light with motion sensors12 watt solar security light

We’ve already highlighted How Solar Security Lights can Improve Your Home’s Safety in a previous blog post. Learn more about our security products in this article.

Outdoor Wall Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Gama Sonic’s solar wall lights contain sensors that automatically turn the light on when the sun goes down. When the sun’s rays hit the solar light at dawn, the sensor activates again to turn the light off automatically.

Baytown Bulb Solar Lamp

Baytown Bulb Solar Lamp with 3 Mounting Options 106B033 (GS-106B-FPW)

If you are looking for an outdoor wall light that is both stylish and functional, the 106B033 (GS-106B-FPW) is perfect for you. With three mounting options, the light’s installation capabilities are entirely up to you. The light’s packaging includes everything you need to install it. Choose the location where you want the light to go, and you’ll have it working in minutes.

Pagoda Bulb Solar Lamp – Wall/Pier/3″ Fitter Mount 104B033 (GS-104B-FPW)

If you appreciate the design of Eastern Asian architecture, then the 104B033 (GS-104B-FPW) will help you achieve a refined style in your outdoor area. Like the 106B033, this light has multiple mounting options. You can install virtually anywhere to light your outdoor space and enjoy evenings outside.

Pagoda Bulb Solar Lamp

Outdoor Wall Light with House Number

One of the most stressful things about finding someone’s house for the first time is finding their house or apartment number. Poorly-lit suburban neighborhoods can make things even harder. Invest in a solar-powered house number so your guests and emergency personnel can quickly and easily find your home.

solar address sign

Solar Address Light

The 80i90081 Solar Address Light (GS-80) will put your house number on display for nighttime guests. When you pair this house number light with well-placed outdoor wall lights, you won’t have to worry whether guests will find your home and driveway. With solar powered outdoor lighting, your home will provide a safe and stylish path for all visitors.

Choosing The Color of your Outdoor Wall Light

Color plays a vital role in all decor, and outdoor lighting is no exception. If you already have patio furniture, you don’t want to ruin the finished look with a light that doesn’t match. Gama Sonic has a wide selection of outdoor wall lights with frames in a variety of colored finishes to complete the look of any outdoor space.

Outdoor Wall Lights in Black

Using black as an accent color can give any space a sleek and modern feel. Below, we list a few of our black outdoor wall lights.

Black Outdoor Wall Lights:

royal bulb wall mount solar lampsolar coach lantern

Black Outdoor Wall Lights with 3-in-1 Mounting Options (Fitter, Pier & Wall Mount):

prairie bulb solar lampWindsor Bulb Solar LampTopaz solar lamp

Outdoor Wall Lights in White

When done correctly, the color white can invoke many positive emotions. Combine this clean color with grays and other neutral colors to make your home appear sophisticated, bright, and calming. Combine white with pastels and saturated accent colors to give your space an air of playfulness.

Polaris Sconce Solar

Whichever theme you choose, you can complete it by installing an outdoor solar light with a white frame finish. If you are trying to achieve a more sophisticated look, Gama Sonic recommends our Polaris Sconce Solar Lamp 179210 (GS-179). This light’s white frame and compact design will illuminate your backyard or patio with a warm white glow of 100 lumens.

If you need a variety of light placement options, consider using our Victorian Bulb Solar Light 94B233 (GS-94B-FPW-White). This light can be mounted to a wall, attached to a pole, or set up on a flat pier base, effectively maximizing its range of usability. Simply place the 94B233 in an area that gets plenty of sunlight during the day, and enjoy its soothing glow of 150 lumens all night long.

victorian bulb solar light GS-94B-FPW-White

Choosing The Style of your Outdoor Wall Light

The most important aesthetic aspect of outdoor lights, besides color temperature and brightness, is style. Even if you select a light fixture in a color that matches your outdoor decor, you can throw everything off with a light in a style that doesn’t match your theme. Luckily, Gama Sonic has a wide variety of light fixtures with various forms, shapes, and designs to complement the tone of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Wall Lights for Coastal Areas

If you live by a coastline or just enjoy coastal themes, an outdoor wall light in a nautical style and marine-grade construction may be an excellent fit for your space. White is often go-to accent color for any coastal theme, but Gama Sonic’s Polaris Series has many coastal-approved wall lights in both white and black finishes that are UV-protected and resistant to sand and salt.

178233 (GS-178FPW-WHT)

We’ve already covered the 179210 (GS-179), which is one of our favorites from this series. Another Polaris Solar Light that would blend well with your nautical theme is the 178233 (GS-178FPW-WHT). This light is made for coastal areas and has a weather-resistant frame that won’t fade under the sun’s continuous rays.

The 178233’s multiple installation capabilities open several possibilities for setup. Use this light to illuminate your beach home or to complete your coastal theme. Every day will feel like a vacation with an outdoor space inspired by nautical design.

Up and Down Outdoor Wall Lights

If you want to light up your home’s exterior and show off its unique architecture at the same time, up and down outdoor wall lights are the solution. These accent lights guarantee your home stands out in the neighborhood.

The Infinity Solar Up and Down Wall Light 120010 (GS-120) works well along an outer wall adjacent to front doors. It highlights the architectural features of your home and provides enough illumination to light a pathway.

Infinity Solar Up and Down Wall Light GS-120modern outdoor wall lights

Modern Outdoor Wall Lights

The “modern farmhouse” look has been fashionable for a while and is forecasted to stay relevant for years to come. A modern take on country charm will give your home an inviting and sophisticated feel.

Gama Sonic’s Farmhouse Solar Wall Light 130010 (GS-130) combines the traditional and modern styles in a sleek design. Shed light on your modern farmhouse home with this solar-powered fixture, and enjoy evenings outside with friends and family under its soft and effective glow.

Gooseneck Outdoor Wall Lights

Any outdoor wall light that has a bulb held up by a J-shaped curve in the fixture has a “swan neck” or “gooseneck” style. The curved neck can extend the lamp head’s reach, adding form and function to the light.

A member of the previously mentioned Polaris Series, the Polaris Solar Wall Light 177010 (GS-177W), is a gooseneck light. This light is popular in coastal areas due to its weather-resistant, rustproof rigid resin with UV protection that prevents fading. Its matte black finish and compact design make it a top choice for people looking for outdoor wall lights.

Gooseneck Outdoor Wall lights

These are other popular lights that feature a gooseneck:

solar wall lampsolar barn light

Solar Wall Lights

At Gama Sonic, we specialize in providing solar lighting solutions to customers across the globe. We offer a wide range of outdoor solar light fixtures and accessories, including solar wall lights. Our products are easy to install and won’t affect your energy bills because freely-available sunshine powers them. The quality construction of our lights ensures that they will last for years to come.

If you are looking for a decorative solar wall light of the highest quality, Gama Sonic is here to help. Our lights work year-round, even in the burning summer heat and frigid winter cold. Installing and maintaining our light fixtures is easy. We provide a quick rundown of how to do this below.

How to Install, Replace, Change, and Mount Outdoor Solar Wall Lights

From installation to maintenance, our solar lighting process is simple. Each light contains a product manual that is unique to its model, but they have a few things in common regarding installation.

Installing your Solar Light

Because our lights are 100% solar-powered, they don’t need wiring or trenching during installation. All you need is an area that receives 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day. Install your solar light, wait for the battery to charge during the day, and enjoy the light at night.

Replacing your Solar Light

All of Gama Sonic’s lights feature a sturdy construction that will last for years to come. We design out light fixtures to last for at least ten years, which is the same lifetime as our 50,000-hour-rated bulbs. The Li-Ion battery pack is good for about three years, or roughly 1,000 charges. We can also provide other replacement parts.

Changing your Solar Light

You may decide to go a different route in outdoor decoration before your solar light has reached the end of its lifespan. If this is the case, replacing the fixture simply requires you to follow the uninstallation instructions in the product manual. No matter the type of light, all of Gama Sonic’s products take just minutes to install or uninstall.

Mounting your Solar Light

If you purchase one of our lights that has multiple mounting capabilities, then everything needed for installation should be included in the product’s packaging. The light’s product manual will have a step by step of how to mount your solar light to various surfaces. We’ve made the process as simple as possible to ensure that you only need to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to enjoy our solar lighting solutions.

Contact Gama Sonic with your Outdoor Wall Light Questions

We hope that we were able to shed light on some of our more common questions regarding outdoor wall lights. If you are having issues with any of our decorative outdoor solar wall lights, we are here to help. Contact a representative today at 1-800-835-4113

Gama Sonic logo

Frequently Asked Questions about Outdoor Wall Lights


Why isn’t my outdoor wall light working?

If you are using one of Gama Sonic’s solar-powered lights, make sure that the fixture is getting at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day so that the battery pack will have a full charge at dusk. If problems persist, contact our customer support team.

Are solar wall lights any good?

With recent advances in solar technology, solar lights can now provide the same brightness and light quality you used to only be able to get from traditional gas and electric lights. There are many benefits to using one of Gama Sonic’s solar wall lights. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of electrical wiring, and the light won’t affect your energy bill. Our wall lights use a patented Solar LED bulb that works like a conventional light bulb, meaning you will get the same amount of visibility at night without the cons of using an electrical source.

Where can I buy solar wall lights?

You can buy solar lights at most lighting showrooms, electrical distributors, hardware stores, and online lighting retailers. Gama Sonic has a wide range of solar wall lights in styles that blend well with the decor of your outdoor space. Learn more about our products by calling 1-866-369-0974

Are solar wall lights worth the price?

With the amount of money you’ll save on energy bills and installation costs, investing in a sturdy Gama Sonic solar wall light that lasts for years to come is always the right decision.

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