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Gama Sonic Commercial Lighting Innovations

Posted in: | July 25, 2022

Commercial solar lighting has made significant strides over the past few years.

Gama Sonic solar lights bring continuous innovation with proprietary outdoor solar lighting technology to the market. Our goal is to unleash the confidence in solar lighting and negate common myths about outdated misconceptions some may have about commercial solar lighting. With our continuous solar lighting innovation comes the creation of proprietary technology that significantly delivers advantages to commercial spaces.

Gama Sonic’s Latest Solar Lighting Technology

Gama Sonic is a pioneer in the solar lighting industry, creating solar lighting technology solutions to continuously deliver the most effective commercial solar lighting products to our loyal customers.

We dismantle old systems and processes in outdoor solar lighting and create new innovative solutions. While solar-powered products have been around for years, our Gama Sonic engineers have created rechargeable, durable, and bright outdoor solar lighting solutions that outshine and outlast the competition through our patented technologies. 

Gama Sonic has over twenty Design and Utility Patents. Here are some examples of our innovative technology:

Gama Sonic Commercial Solar Innovations: Morph Technology

Our patent-pending ‘MORPH’ technology introduces solar panels that are fully integrated within the light fixture. Solar fixtures with Morph Technology do not include separate solar panels that hinder the aesthetics of the fixtures. This allows:

  • Beautiful light fixtures that look just like regular electrical or gas light fixtures
  • Optimizes the light’s surface for maximized charging efficiency

Our Morph Technology optimizes the integration of the solar panel within the fixture, making it more efficient. Morph Solar Panel Technology is a ground-breaking process of capturing more power from the sun. We mold monocrystalline solar cells to the surface of the fixture, “morphing” the solar panel into the outdoor solar light fixture.

Greater surface area means more power and faster battery charge, which enhances the battery power. At the end of the day, what Morph Technology leaves you with is brighter and longer-lasting outdoor solar lights, capable of keeping your garden, yard, and beyond lit, projecting a welcoming and safe environment more efficient than ever before.

Gama Sonic Products with Morph Technology

Gama Sonic Commercial Solar Innovations: The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) – the “Light Fixture’s Brain”

The PCB (printed circuit board) design plays a key role in how efficient and optimized a solar light is. It is essentially the ‘brain’ of the light fixture. It is the hardware and software of the light and controls the performance of the light, the light’s duration, and brightness. Gama Sonic uses a state-of-the-art, highly efficient PCB to optimize energy consumption. This is responsible for:

  • Prolonging the lifespan of the LEDs and batteries and achieving the most efficient operation.
  • Sealed boards to prevent corrosion
  • Efficient energy distribution
  • Maximize light duration and brightness based on a light application

How well a PCB is designed makes a significant difference in the light’s overall performance. Gama Sonic’s research and development team has over two decades of experience and has developed highly efficient PCBs to generate the energy consumption needed for specific usage needs.

Gama Sonic Commercial Solar Innovations: Patented Cone Technology

Gama Sonic’s patented cone technology allows our solar lamp posts to disperse light more efficiently by spreading the directional LED rays out and around light fixtures.

Gama Sonic Commercial Solar Innovations: The GS Solar LED Light Bulb 

A proprietary Gama Sonic innovation, the GS Solar LED Light Bulb replicates the look, feel, and performance of a traditional incandescent light bulb.

Gama Sonic Commercial Solar Innovations: Translucent Solar Panel (TSP) 

Translucent Solar Panel (TSP) is an industry-changing technology that transforms the solar light fixture’s largest surface areas into solar panels: the glass panes. This innovative technology embeds the monocrystalline solar cells into the glass, maximizing the power from the sun.

Gama Sonic Commercial Solar Innovations: Automatic Tracking System (ATS) 

Automatic Tracking System (ATS) technology revolutionizes how we maximize the rays of the sun to charge solar lights. This technology, previously only used in large solar farms, is now available to the consumer to track the sun throughout the day and provides a longer lasting and brighter light.

Conclusion: Gama Sonic’s Cutting-Edge Solar Technology

Through true innovation and design, Gama Sonic has created a modern solution to outdated commercial lighting. The advantages of our cutting-edge solar technology will enhance any public setting with beautifully crafted designs that meet each customer needs.

We not only make effective commercial solar lighting solutions, but we also understand the importance of how to enhance the environments visual aesthetic. We stay ahead of the design curve by creating and testing product casings that fit a variety of commercial applications. From simple to sophisticated and from traditional to modern.

The commercial series solar lights by Gama Sonic provides a superior experience with bright, durable, maintenance free and cost-effective lighting solutions with no electrical wiring, digging, trenching, or running gas lines, saving you time and money. Complete the form and one of our commercial solar lighting managers will contact you to discuss your needs.

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