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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Solar Post Lights

Posted in: , | May 6, 2020

Installing a solar post light is an easy way to transform the look of your home after the sun goes down. With light surrounding the outside of your home, you can enjoy it at all hours of the day. You can also enhance your curbside appeal and general look of your house with well-placed light fixtures.

Where Post Lights are Used

The common belief for post lights is that these fixtures are tall, garishly bright structures meant only for commercial areas. Although post lights work well in public places like parks, neighborhoods, and parking lots, these fixtures are also excellent additions outside of residential houses and apartments. Any residential area that has existing posts can place these lights on these structures. All that is needed to do so is the correct hardware and a light that is easy to install.

Gama Sonic’s solar post lights are ideal for areas like this. Our products have everything needed to install a post light on existing posts and other similar areas. We also have fixtures with included posts for homeowners that wish to add visual interest to their bare outdoor area. A solar post light is not just for business owners. Any residential area can benefit from these fixtures.


Post Lights for Outdoors

Solar Outdoor Post LightA tall fixture is the best option when looking for a post light that can provide ample visibility at night. It is important to note that the taller the light, the broader its light spread will be. The Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Post 105BSG01 achieves this stipulation. Standing at about 6.5 feet high, this solar post light provides a 360° light spread. This fixture shines with a pleasant and productive 130 lumens of light and can operate up to 10 hours on a fully-charged battery. Whether you are in a commercial or residential area, the 105BSG01 will blend in easily.


Baytown Outdoor Post Lights


Post Lights for Driveway

Post Light for DrivewaysIf you have a small driveway that is hard to navigate at night, the Baytown Solar Lamp Series 106033 is a great asset. With three mounting options, you can install the Baytown on a post, wall, or flat surface. For example, you can mount it on the top of columns that mark the entrance to your driveway. You can also install additional fixtures to the outer wall of your garage or doorway to ensure a safe return from a night out.


Baytown Solar Lamp


Pagoda Bulb Solar Lamp PostFor homeowners who enjoy a long driveway that leads to a secluded residence, consider using the Pagoda Bulb Solar Lamp Post 104B001.  With a sophisticated design and a large light spread, this fixture disperses light throughout the expanse of your driveway. You can rely on these lights to illuminate any hazards common among secluded homes, like large critters and woodland debris.


Post Lights for Patio

Post Lights for PatioYou can install solar wall lights on fences or walls that surround your backyard or patio, and you can install post lights inside the perimeter of your patio or garden. To make your patio more vibrant and colorful, try using post lights with planters. These lights provide 360-degree illumination and allow you to plant your favorite flowers at the base of the light. The planter base makes installation easy. Place the planter and light fixture wherever you like on your patio in a sunny location. You can enjoy the warm and cozy light at night and during the day, your beautiful flowers, plants, and possibly even butterflies and other pollinators. Learn more about our two favorite post lights for patios: the Baytown Bulb Solar Lamp Post with EZ Anchor and Planter 106BPLSG0 and the 105BSG01 compatible with its solar light planter.


Solar Post Light


Post Lights for Garden

Post Lights for GardenGardening is a great way to relieve stress and have a physical reward for your labor. With outdoor lights, you can enjoy your garden at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, finding a light source that doesn’t clash with your lush and abundant garden can be difficult. Luckily, the Flora Bulb Solar Light 113B533 works perfectly in a garden environment. With a timeless bronze frame and delicate leaf embellishments, this fixture will be right at home in any garden.


Nautical Outdoor Post Lights


When looking for solar post lights for docks and pools, you can’t go wrong with the Polaris Series from Gama Sonic. These lights are inspired by nautical design so that they will blend well alongside any body of water.

For large ponds that need a visible perimeter at night, the Polaris Double Head Lamp Post is a great fixture to have. This light comes in both black and white frame finishes. Depending on the established theme of your area, you can choose the color that best fits your design.



Polaris Solar Light GS-178FPWIf you need to place lights along the path to your dock or around your pool, consider the Polaris Solar Light 178033. This fixture has three mounting options, which widens your scope of possibilities for installation. Like the 177B50002, this light also has the neutral color option of black. Use this solar post light to provide plenty of visibility for you to enjoy your nautical space at all hours.



Different Types of Post Lights

Depending on your needs, there is a solar post light to meet your standards. Whether you are a business owner, property manager, or homeowner, there is a solar post light that is perfect for your area. Gama Sonic provides a wide range of solar post lights to help meet our customers’ needs. We take out the long and tiresome process of finding the perfect post light. All you have to decide is where you want your fixture to go.


Post Lights for Commercial Areas

Imperial Solar Post LampThe Imperial II Series Single Solar Lamp 97N012 is perfect for outdoor public areas like parks and campsites. The weather-resistant frame of this fixture ensures its longevity and operation year-round. Its classic, understated design also makes it a great addition to your outdoor area. Like all our other solar lights, it won’t increase your current energy bills. This fixture is entirely powered by the sun, so you don’t have to worry about issues that come with electrical lighting.


Modern Post Lights

Aurora Solar LampThe Aurora Bulb Solar Light 124B033 fits both commercial and residential settings. It features a modern design that blends well with any recently built or remodeled area. This fixture also has wall and post-mounting options, so you can put it in virtually any space that needs better lighting. As long as the area receives plenty of sunlight during the day, this solar post light will operate through the night.


Aurora Bulb Solar Light 124B033


LED Post Lights

In an age where energy-efficiency is a growing priority, LED lights have become commonplace. Gama Sonic has a patented Solar LED Light Bulb technology implemented into most of our fixtures. This solar light bulb has a 10-year lifespan and is an environmentally friendly alternative to typical electric and gas-powered lighting. With an attractive appearance, sufficient brightness, and guaranteed duration, this solar light bulb will power any Gama Sonic product, including solar post lights.

Gama Sonic Solar LED Light Bulb


At Gama Sonic, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality solar technology in the industry. We are always looking for new ways to improve our products and services. We also are continually releasing new products to serve our customers better.

Our solar post lights are popular among our residential and commercial clients. These fixtures are durable and feature attractive and unique designs that suit any environment. If you have questions about any of the products in this article, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you find the perfect solar post light for your outdoor area. 1-800-835-4113


Frequently Asked Questions about Post Lights


How bright are solar post lights?

The brightness of a solar post light is measured in lumens. The higher the amount of lumens, the brighter the light your fixture provides. When choosing a solar post light, you’ll have the option between bright white and warm white light, usually between 120 and 180 lumens.

What is the best solar lamp post?

Finding the best solar lamp post depends on the intended use of the light. Solar lamp posts can be used for residential or commercial purposes, and some are designed more for security and others for aesthetic appeal. You can browse various solar lamp posts at

How to install post lights?

The correct way to install post lights will vary based on the post light company you’re using. For easy, DIY post light installation, try Gama Sonic. Each of our post lights are solar powered and can be assembled in just minutes. All hardware needed for installation is included, and you don’t have to worry about pouring concrete or electrical wiring. Learn more by calling 1-866-369-0974

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