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Benefits & Advantages of Outdoor Solar Lights

Posted in: | January 10, 2018

Purchasing or replacing your outdoor lighting is a major investment. With more choices for outdoor landscaping and exterior lighting on the market, it is important for consumers to know what all their options are. Outdoor solar lighting offers all the same benefits as gas and electric lighting, plus some.  Learn more about the advantages of solar lights by reading about our solar powered outdoor lights below.

Why Outdoor Solar Lighting Is Important

Outdoor lighting serves a variety purposes and benefits for both residential homes and commercial properties. It can add style and compliment a building, create the perfect ambiance at a hosted event and give a presentation that wards off potential and dangerous threats. Whether the reason is functionality, design or safety, here are five reasons why solar-powered outdoor lighting is a perfect solution for replacing any old and outdated gas or electric lighting.


Trying to reduce that pricy power bill? Outdoor solar lights are extremely cost-efficient since they are operated by rechargeable batteries via the sun and do not require any digging, trenching or wiring whatsoever. In addition, many of Gama Sonic’s new products are crafted using our new patented LED light bulb technology. Using LED bulbs is beneficial for consumers looking to cut back spending since they generally last longer than traditional bulbs and use less energy. Learn more from Energy.Gov about the different types of light bulbs and how they can affect both your energy-output and spending.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar lights are an easy way for you to decrease their carbon footprint. Aside from using converted energy from the sun, solar-powered lights are also eco-friendly due to the materials they are made with. For instance, the new Gama Sonic LED light bulb boasts a 10-year lifespan, meaning you will not have to constantly replace and throw away old and dead light bulbs. In comparison to incandescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs are designed to consume less energy and last longer.

Coach Solar Lamp GS-1B Weathered Bronze

Solar Coach Lantern GS-1B Weathered Bronze


Not only is outdoor lighting aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes your residence or workspace less vulnerable to potential threats. If the building appears to be occupied or has security fixtures in place, it can decrease the chances of having the property getting broken into or vandalized. For areas known for having bad weather and power outages, exterior solar lights are beneficial since the fixture would continue to function as it normally would since it is operated by a rechargeable battery. Electrical lighting fixtures also pose a safety threat to young children and pets if there are extension cables laying around for them to trip on.

Hassle Free

Limitations come when people decide to use standard gas or electric outdoor lighting. One of the biggest setbacks is that you can only install these types of fixtures in a spot near a gas or electrical connection. Secondly, a majority of electric fixtures are complex and require professional assistance to come out and install it. This process is both time-consuming and costly since contractors usually charge per visit and require a landscaping team and electrician to come out and dig holes to lay proper wiring. With solar lighting, installation takes minutes and does not require costly routine maintenance.


Topaz Solar Lamp With Three Mounting Options GS-149FPW by Gama Sonic

Topaz Solar Lamp With 3 Mounting Options GS-149FPW

Since outdoor solar lights do not require electrical wiring, a majority of these solar light fixtures come designed with the ability to install and place them just about anywhere that receives direct sun. At Gama Sonic, in almost every family group of solar lights that we offer, the FPW option gives the ability to choose from three different mounting options which are all included.  This means that with one light fixture, you are supplied the mounting equipment to install the light on either a 3-inch outside diameter post, a flat/pier base or wall mount.  Also, while some models are designed with a detachable solar panel which allows installing the fixture anywhere, the majority come with integrated solar panels infused directly into the head of each lamp.  (In order to get full use out of Gama Sonic outdoor solar lights, you are advised to place fixtures/solar panels in areas with direct sun exposure.)


Images Featured: Royal Bulb GS-98B-S-WB (header) & Solar Coach Light GS-1B-WB


Solar Lighting FAQ’s

1) How long do outdoor solar lights last?

When properly handled, outdoor solar lights can operate for 15 years. All Gama Sonic products have a 2 year limited warranty and battery replacement is recommended after 1000 cycles, or approximately 3 years.

2) What are the best solar lights for outside?

There are many different outdoor solar lights to choose from. Depending on your needs, you may want a solar security light for protection, solar garden light or flood light to illuminate landscape, or a solar wall light to illuminate your patio or back deck at night.

3) Can you leave solar lights out all winter?

All Gama Sonic solar lights are designed to work every season of the year. This means you can leave solar lights out during the winter. To maximize your light’s efficiency, you will need to remove snow or ice from the solar panel by wiping it with a dry cloth.

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