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Highlight High Foot Traffic Areas with the Solar Pillar Commercial Bollard

For busy outdoor settings that you want to illuminate fully, bollard lights are a must. This type of lighting can meet design requirements while keeping commonly visited areas safe. Our pick? The Solar Pillar Commercial Bollard.

The Solar Pillar provides a comfortable atmosphere for both commercial and residential areas through design and utility, all without negatively impacting the environment. Its sleek frame suits most aesthetic preferences, perfect for community parks, parking lots, walkways, and more.

Enjoy the Solar Pillar’s practicality. You can set the light to low or high output, and have the choice between a mono-directional or bi-directional setting. For durability, the Solar Pillar’s weather resistance is crucial. It boasts a corrosion-resistant powder-coated cast-aluminum exterior, making it a lamp you’ll be able to rely on for a long time.

Make the most of well-traveled spaces with the flexible utility and efficiency of the Solar Pillar Commercial Bollard.

Sollar Pillar 9iD50800

Brightness Under Your Control

In addition to the toggles controlling light direction, you will find switches for high, low, and off settings on your lamp. These options are available for either side. On the high setting, the Solar Pillar shines at 500 lumens on one side or 250 lumens on both sides. On low, this changes to 250 lumens on one side or 150 on both.

Sollar Pillar 9iD50800

Motion-Sensitive Technology

The light will shine at its brightest setting for 4 hours after automatically turning on at dusk, after which it will dim. Thanks to its PIR motion sensor, even after 4 hours, it will brighten to maximum lumen output for 30 seconds upon detecting movement. No need to worry about yourself or any passing pedestrians walking in the dark.

Sollar Pillar 9iD50800

Arrives with All Installation Items

Your Solar Pillar will arrive with all the hardware necessary for installation, along with a clear instruction manual. No wiring is needed, as is the beauty of our solar lights. For best output, make sure to mount the light where it can receive direct sunlight.

Visit our product page to learn more about the Solar Pillar Commercial Bollard or call Gama Sonic at 1-800-835-4113 for more information.

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