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Gama Sonic Solar Lighting Featured on the TODAY Show on NBC

Posted in: | November 4, 2021

Gama Sonic is proud to be recognized by the Today Show during a segment with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager for our outdoor solar lights.

The Today Show hosts did a segment with Lou Manfredini, host of “House Smarts”, In which he enthusiastically recommended Gama Sonic’s solar-powered outdoor lights. Lou Manfredini had rave reviews about our outdoor solar lights’ easy installation, their warm and cool white color temperatures, and the fact that most solar-powered outdoor lights do not give off enough light—while ours do. Manfredini, sitting in front of Gama Sonic lights during the segment, also noted how beautiful the solar lights look at night.

As reported by Lou Manfrendini “There is a lot of junk when it comes to the solar-powered lights, but I found a nice manufacturer based in Atlanta, GA that makes these high-end solar-powered lights. They make pathway lights, coach lights and they are super easy to install.  You literally take them out of the box and begin putting them in the ground. There is no wiring involved whatsoever. They are called Gama Sonic and I really, REALLY like them. You just stick them in the ground, turn them on and then you watch at night how beautiful these things are. I put a couple of them in my pathway, and they look gorgeous at night. What’s interesting is that most of these solar lights don’t give off enough light. While these do, they’re beautiful!”

Our Exterior Decorative Post Lights, Exterior Decorative Wall Lights, Security and Utility Lights, Landscape and Pathway Lights, Deck, Fence, and Pergola Lights are the perfect lighting solutions for those who are looking for function and style.

Lou Manfredini is the home expert you can trust. Upgrade your outdoor living experience with Gama Sonic’s outdoor solar lights.

Watch here the full Lou Manfredini’s spot on The Today Show, praising Gama Sonic lights!

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