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The Benefits of Buying Outdoor Lighting Collections

Posted in: | June 24, 2020

When it comes to adding light to your outdoor space, finding the right fixture can be difficult. You will most likely need different types of lighting for the various areas of your space. If these different fixtures don’t match in style, the overall appearance of your home or business will suffer. Using outdoor lighting collections can prevent this issue from happening. The lights in these families will all have the same style, but they will serve different purposes.

How to Coordinate Solar Outdoor Light Sets

When matching your outdoor lights, consistency is key. Coordinating outdoor lighting is a hassle-free process when working with fixtures of the same style. Gama Sonic has multiple solar light series in various designs and styles to help achieve the final look you’re seeking. Using decorative lighting to enhance your outdoor space is no easy task, however.

Installing Your Solar Lamp Family 

Because each fixture in a family will serve a different purpose, the installation of each light will involve a different process. Gama Sonic carries many lights that have multiple mounting options for the greater customization of your outdoor space. Our 3-inch fitter lights, in particular, can attach to pier mount brackets and 3-inch diameter posts.

In this article, some of the lights we highlight will have these diverse mounting capabilities. A key indicator of these types of fixtures will be an “FPW” in their model name. You can install these types of lights in one of three ways: on an existing lamp post (F-fitter), a flat horizontal surface (P-pier), or a flat vertical surface (W-wall). You’ll have all the hardware needed for each of the three installation options – pick which one you like best.

If you want to change it up, just unassemble and install it in a separate place. Or better yet, purchase two or more of the same FPW items and install them in multiple areas. This way, you can have matching post lights, pier lights, and wall lights at the same time. FPW lights are some of our favorites, as they are so versatile. Keep an eye out for them as you explore this blog.

Outdoor Light Families with Sophisticated Designs

The Royal Bulb Series

Royal Bulb Solar Lamp Series

The Royal Bulb Solar Lamp Series works well in both residential and commercial settings. With a sophisticated design featured in various styles, you can coordinate fixtures in this family to achieve an elegant appearance for your outdoor area. The post lights in the Royal Bulb Solar Lamp Series are especially useful for providing a 360° light spread in high-traffic areas, on account of their impressive height. Take advantage of the style of this series and add class to your outdoor space. This outdoor light family will fit well with most urban environments. Browse the complete outdoor lighting collection below:

Royal Bulb Post Lights

Royal Bulb Double & Triple Lamp Posts

Solar Lamp Families with Antique and Vintage Designs

The Baytown Bulb Series

Baytown Bulb Series

The Baytown Bulb Series is perfect for homeowners who enjoy classic architecture. These outdoor lights emulate traditional 19th-century lamp designs, and they are available in both black and brushed bronze. If you’re curious about other simple ways to add style to your home, read our Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Wall Lights.

The Baytown Bulb Series includes the:

Outdoor Lighting Collections with Variety

The Baytown II Bulb Series

Baytown II Bulb Solar Lights

The Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Series has an extensive family to widen the range of possibilities when coordinating lights. Like the Baytown Bulb Series, this collection’s design features a 19th-century appearance that fits well with most classic outdoor decor. Use this series to enjoy your patio, courtyard, or front area at all hours of the day. Outdoor lights in this collection all showcase a sleek black finish and include:

  • 105BCX01 – Baytown II Bulb Solar Hanging Light
  • 105BSG01 – Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Post with EZ Anchor
  • 105B033 – Baytown II Bulb Solar Light – Wall/Pier/3″ Fitter Mount
  • 105BP250040 – Baytown II Bulb Outdoor Solar Wall Sconce

Solar Light Families with Elegant Style

The Victorian Bulb Series

Victorian Bulb Series

The Victorian Bulb Series includes fixtures that are ideal for commercial settings like parks and other recreational areas. The tall stature of the solar lamp posts in this family provides a 360° light spread that is a source of safety and visibility for those walking at night. Install these lights on your property and enjoy the flair of elegance and illumination the variety of fixtures provide:

Victorian Bulb Series

    • 94BC002 – Victorian Bulb Solar Lamp Post with Double Downward Lamps
    • 94B001 – Victorian Bulb Single Lamp Post
    • 94B002 – Victorian Bulb Double Lamp Post 
    • 94B003 – Victorian Bulb Triple Lamp Post
    • Victorian Bulb Solar Light – Wall/Pier/3″ Fitter Mount

Outdoor Light Sets with Classic Designs

The Windsor Bulb Series

The Windsor Bulb Series

The Windsor Bulb Series has similar popularity to the Baytown Bulb Series. This solar light family features a design that is heavily influenced by 19th-century street lamp architecture. The historical feel of these fixtures is best suited for homes either built during the 1800s or that imitate the style of these structures. Place these lights along walkways in front of your house or expansive gardens:

  • 99B033 – Windsor Bulb Solar Light – Wall/Pier/3″ Fitter Mount
  • 99B001 – Windsor Bulb Single Solar Lamp Post

An excellent complementary style to the Windsor Bulb Series would be the 148101 Solar Garden Light Shepherd Hook. This path light is perfect for garden areas. Another option as a complementary style to this classically-designed solar light family would be the Topaz Solar Lamp Series.

Solar Light Collections with Asian Influence

The Pagoda Solar Lamp Series

Solar Light Collections with Asian Influence

The Pagoda Solar Lamp Posts Series will complement any home with architecture, furniture, and decor inspired by East Asian styles. Use the fixtures in this solar lamp family to enhance the globally-inspired style of your outdoor area:

  • 104B033 – Pagoda Bulb Solar Lamp – Wall/Pier/3″ Fitter Mount
  • 104B001 – Pagoda Bulb Single Solar Lamp Post

Charming and Rustic Outdoor Lighting Families

The Prairie Bulb Solar Lamp Series

Charming and Rustic Outdoor Lighting

The Prairie Bulb Solar Lamp Series is perfect for homeowners who follow the farmhouse lifestyle. These fixtures have a balanced mix of rustic appearance and modern decor. With three different installation options, it’s as if there are multiple fixtures in one light. Use this family to add a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your Southern-inspired home. Choose between black or weathered bronze:

An outdoor light to compliment the style of this rustic lighting collection would be the 800012 Aspen Solar Post Light. This fixture’s design showcases a modern charm that can blend in seamlessly with the farmhouse style of the Prairie Bulb Solar Lamp Series.

Solar Light Sets with Transitional Design

The Aurora Solar Lamp Series

Aurora Solar Lamp Series

The Aurora Solar Lamp Series showcases a contemporary design that blends well with most outdoor settings. Take advantage of these lights’ three mounting options as you install them virtually anywhere in your yard or garden. This series is easy to install and maintain. The fixtures will light up your outdoor area for years to come in a modern and unobtrusive style:

  • 124B033 – Aurora Bulb Solar Light – Wall/Pier/3″ Fitter Mount
  • 124033 – Aurora Solar Light – Wall/Pier/3″ Fitter Mount

The Topaz Solar Lamp Series

Topaz Solar Lamp Series

The Topaz Solar Lamp Series features a modern design that can fit seamlessly into most established outdoor themes. With options to mount on a wall, flat surface, or on an existing light post, the Topaz is not only beautifully crafted but also functional. Enjoy the smooth implementation and maintenance of this solar lamp family:

  • 149033 – Topaz Solar Lamp – Wall/Pier/3″ Fitter Mount

Outdoor Light Families for Whimsical Settings

The Flora Solar Lamp Series

Flora Lamp Series

The Flora Solar Lamp Series has art nouveau touches that make these lights perfect for lush settings that are overflowing with flowers and greenery. Each fixture has delicate metal vines that coil up and around the lamp. For ideas and inspiration on implementing this solar lamp series into your outdoor area, view our Ultimate Guide to Garden Lights.

The Flora Solar Lamp Series features an antique bronze finish with vine embellishments that frame the lamp. Learn more about this outdoor light set below:

  • 113B533 – Flora Bulb Solar Light – Wall/Pier/3″ Fitter Mount

Coordinating your outdoor lights is made easier with solar light collections. You can explore different light pairings without compromising style when you have fixtures that are part of the same family. Gama Sonic is here with an abundance of solar-powered series to help complete any outdoor theme. Let us help you find the fixture that suits your tastes. Call Gama Sonic at 1-800-835-4113 for more information.

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