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Landscape Path Lights as Your Outdoor Lighting Solution

Posted in: | April 1, 2020


When preparing your yard for spring, it’s essential to have a clear picture of what purpose you’d like your outdoor space to serve. Is the layout of your landscape ideal for outdoor events? Is the soil perfect for starting a garden? Whatever you decide to do with your yard, remember to take steps to keep your space attractive and inviting at all hours of the day. Installing pathway lights is an easy way to do this.


Pathway Lights for Garden Walkways

For safety and aesthetic, use pathway lights to illuminate sidewalks, walkways, and paths. Strategically-placed lights will transform your space into a welcoming area that you and your guests can enjoy through the night. If you are growing a garden, use well-placed pathway lights throughout your greenery to add interest to your favorite plants.

Path lights can create interest as well as contrast to portions of your outdoor space. Gama Sonic has plenty of items that will work well with the style and tone of your landscape.

Plantern Solar Path Light with Planter 111001

Solar Planter LightsIs your front door entryway suffering from a lack of decoration? They will brighten up your space. Not only will this fixture add a touch of elegance with its design, but it will also add a pop of color to your area. The included planter can house your favorite flower, with enough room for growth and continuous blooms. You can enjoy the natural and artificial decor this light brings. Install the 111001 outside your front door with your preferred plant.

Plantern Solar Path Light


Polaris Bollard Solar Light 178000

Gama Sonic Solar Lighting Polaris Bollard Solar Light GS-178L

For paths that lead to boat docks or gazebos, choose the Polaris Bollard Solar Light 178000. This 44.25-inch-tall fixture has two frame finish options of black or white. To complete the nautical lake house look of your dock path, purchase the white option for this light. If you are trying to achieve a look of elegance and sophistication on your property paths, choose the black frame finish of the 178000.


Polaris Bollard Solar Light 178000


Stainless Steel Bollard Solar Light w/EZ Anchor 214001

Bollard Solar ight w/ EZ anchorIf you have a sidewalk or other path that leads to your front door, use the Stainless Steel Bollard 214001. This product is ideal for offering subtle yet effective illumination. The 214001 shines at a pleasant 100 lumens. This path light will provide you with safety from trip hazards in the night as well as attractive accent lighting to your walkway. Do you have a vast expanse of land with impressive outdoor landscaping design? The 214001 is perfect for layering throughout your property and offering a visible path at night.


Stainless Steel Bollard Solar Light 214001


Path Lights for Your Garden

These next products are for those with a green thumb and a yard full of lush and thriving greenery. The Garden Pathway Lights from Gama Sonic are an excellent addition to your space. Implementing these path lights into your garden will transform your area at night into a welcoming scene for you and your guests to enjoy.


Premier Garden Lights

Garden Light 139201 5Do you want subtle accent lighting that offers a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout your garden? The Premier Garden Dual Light 239002 is a great choice. With these fixtures spaced out around your area, your garden will gain a playful atmosphere that will impress your family and friends. Having an outdoor space with consistent lighting also grants you a chance to enjoy the peacefulness of your garden at all hours of the day. Grab your favorite drink and sit outside in your pocket of nature.


Gama Sonic Premier Solar Garden Light GS-139


Solar Garden Light Shepherd Hook 148101

Solar Garden Light Shepherd Hook 148101The traditional design of the Solar Garden Light Shepherd Hook 148101 blends well with gardens that are populated with trees, shrubs, flower beds, and other greenery. The elegance of the shepherd hook in this light’s design is perfect for achieving a lively, sophisticated style in your outdoor area. Whether stepping stones, gravel, or wood comprise your pathway, the 148101 will complete the look of your landscape.


Solar Lighting Benefits


Using Path Lights to Transform Your Outdoor Space

If you already have outdoor lighting in place but find it lacking, this is an opportunity to use layering techniques with more solar lights. Done correctly, a variety of fixtures can create a harmony of contrast and add visual interest to your landscape. If you’d like to learn how to do this, view our blog on using decorative outdoor lighting to enhance your outdoor space.


Remember that the brightness of your light can impact the success of your outdoor lighting techniques. Our solar lights use super-efficient LED lamps and LED bulbs. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, light output for LEDs is measured in lumens, not watts. To better understand how to pair outdoor solar lights, view our article that explains lumens.


Strategically spacing the location of your path lights can add depth to your space. With the right solar lights and proper DIY installation, your yard can look like a brand new space after the sun goes down. Experiment with different outdoor lighting techniques. Find a method that works well with your tastes. You and your guests will be pleasantly surprised by how you transform your space.


The Benefits of Solar Pathway Lighting

Using solar path lights has many benefits over traditional electrical lighting. Because these fixtures are powered by the sun, they require no wiring, digging, or trenching during the installation process. Simply find an area that receives plenty of sunlight during the day, and stake your light into the ground. This process takes mere minutes and requires little to no effort. You can easily install your new solar path lights and enjoy the rest of your day while you wait for nightfall to see your work in action.

With a sturdy frame that is weather-resistant, you can enjoy the benefits of solar path lights year-round. In Autumn, practice proper lawn care techniques by keeping your landscape organized and planting seasonal flowers. We’ve highlighted the most crucial lawn maintenance during Fall in our past blog. Make your yard shine during the cold season with these tips and ideas.


When winter hits, your solar lights will still operate without fail, regardless of the weather. To learn how easy it is to maintain your lights in rainy, icy, and snowy weather, view our blog about solar lights during the winter


Landscape Lighting to Improve Your Outdoor Area

You can take path lighting to a whole new level when you plan your outdoor lighting on a larger scale. If you are seeking a more prominent effect instead of the subtlety that traditional path lights provide, then landscape lights are the solution.

Gothic Solar Post Cap Light

If a fence establishes your yard’s perimeter, then the Gothic Solar Post Cap Light 143011 is the best product for this barrier. Secure this light on top of the posts that run between the pickets of your fence. The subtle 40 lumens an individual light emits won’t overwhelm your area when using more than one 143011 throughout your fence line. Your perimeter can be established both day and night with these post cap lights.


Solar Post Light


Acorn Finial Solar LightSome properties contain individual columns, usually made of brick, to establish borders or bring appeal to their area. These columns are often found at the end of driveways or will occasionally serve as posts in more extravagant fences or barriers. The Acorn Finial Solar Light 138801 is the perfect size light to accent these more substantial structures. 


These landscape accent lights highlight the paths established by fence posts and columns. Whether you’re looking to brighten pathways near your driveway, back deck, patio or pool area, backyard, garden, or boat dock, there are beautiful lighting options available at Gama Sonic. 


Gama Sonic Acorn Solar Driveway Light GS-138


Walkway Lights for Commercial Areas

If you are looking for path lights for the walkways in your commercial area, the 214001 and Premier Garden Lights are perfect for unobtrusive walkway lighting. These solar lights work well in large commercial and industrial areas such as office parks or corporate building courtyards. Any employee at your establishment who works late hours can feel safe while on the premises with these path lights. Guests and clients on your property late at night will also be free from trip hazards, as these lights provide plenty of visibility to walkways when appropriately implemented.


Adding path lights to your landscape can provide safety as well as style for your space. A solar pathway light is easy to install and maintain and will last you for many years to come. As you organize your property and prepare for the new season, take steps to make your area accessible and welcoming at night. Browse the solar path lights of Gama Sonic today.


If you need help choosing the right light for your property, speak to a representative at 1-800-835-4113


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Frequently Asked Questions about Pathway Lights


How do you light a walkway?

A variety of pathway lights can illuminate walkways. Solar pathway lights are an energy-efficient option and come in many different styles and sizes.

How bright should pathway lights be?

A The brightness of solar lights is measured in lumens. For best results, outdoor path lights should have around 60 lumens. However, pathway lights that are used more for accent lighting can have fewer lumens.

How do you install path lights?

Installing path lights is easy and takes just minutes. Most Gama Sonic path lights come with the necessary components for easy assembly and a simple push into the ground is all you need for installation. You should install solar path lights in an area that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.

What is the ideal location for solar pathway lights?

Your solar path light needs plenty of unfiltered sunlight during the day so that it will have a full charge to operate through the night. Find an area along your path that is not in the shade. Place your solar path light here.

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