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Our Top 10 Favorite Things about the Best and Brightest Security Light, Our GS-201

Posted in: | September 27, 2019

Outdoor lighting is an integral part for the security of any living or work space. Whether it’s your home, business, or recreational facility, you want to feel safe. Security lights are designed to outshine other outdoor lights. They are helpful for many reasons. First, a well-lit space discourages intruders due to their risk of getting caught. If the security lights are motion-sensing, they will light up when someone walks by. These lights are helpful for performing tasks in the dark. You can take out the trash or walk to the mailbox without hurting yourself or stubbing your toe.

Homeowners, business owners, and park managers ask what we recommend for security lighting. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 favorite things about the best and brightest security light, our GS-201.

What Makes the GS-201 our Best Choice for Security Lights?

1 – Brighter than Your Average Security Light

The GS-201, Gama Sonic 12W Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor is brighter than your average light. Imagine visiting your local hardware store and browsing the aisles. Most solar-powered products there won’t have a lot of lumens or operating-time.

When it comes to lumens, the more the better. We recommend between 700 and 1300 lumens for security floodlights. The GS-201 will outshine all other security lights in the market with 1440 lumens. Its bright white light further increases visibility.

2 – Motion Sensitivity To Ward Off Intruders

The GS-201 features motion sensitivity to ward off intruders (and other unwelcome guests). The range of motion detection is 140 degrees. It will automatically turn on up to 150 times each night on a fully charged battery! You will know when someone is entering your yard or approaching the front door at night.

You can create off-limits areas for pets or catch the critters who are destroying your garden. You are even notified when your teenagers break curfew!

3 – Wall-Mounting Capability

Quite often, the hardest place to install security lights is exactly where you need them. That’s why our GS-201 Solar Security Light has the ability to be wall mounted. We include all the hardware needed to install the light with your sale! Installation is easy, with no wiring needed. You can put this light almost anywhere!

Install the light on the siding of your home. Secure it on the brick exterior of your business. Pick a wall that receives a 4-6 hours of direct sunlight each day and let the security light do the rest.

The wall-mounting capability allows motion-triggered security lighting all night long!

4 – Pro-Tip: Increase Area of Illumination by Mounting The GS-201 on a Pole

To increase the area of illumination, you can mount the GS-201 higher, such as on a pole. Doing this will give you a taller, wider, more circular range of light. The easy, DIY installation process takes minutes and works with pre-existing light poles. If you have a place where you’ve installed a gas or electric outdoor light, you can re-use it for the GS-201. You can also buy a separate pole that is easy to assemble, weather-proof and rust-resistant. Gama Sonic sells these poles separately from our lights.

Some of our most popular options include:

  • GS-97SP, Imperial 6.5′ Black Outdoor Light Pole with 3″ Fitter
  • GS-DP55F-BLK, Outdoor Lamp Post –79″ Cast Aluminum Black Pole
  • GS-DP55F-W, Outdoor Lamp Post – 79″ Cast Aluminum White Pole

5 – Excellent Balance Between Down-Light and Area-Specific Coverage

Down Light

When mounted higher, outdoor lights create an expanded area of illumination. In fact, when mounted 13 feet high, the GS-201’s light will spread over 60 feet. Even at 6.5 feet high, the light’s coverage will reach up to 30 feet of outdoor space. This increased display gives an excellent balance between down-lighting and area-specific lighting. For best results, place the light above the area you want lit and let the light’s spread reach areas where you may need it.

6 – A Sturdy Solar Light You Can Count On!

The GS-201 is sturdy, easy to install, requires little to no maintenance, and operates for years to come. The fixture’s exterior features a rustproof, rigid resin finish. With SMARTLOCK technology, the light senses dark conditions and shines dusk through dawn. Morning sunlight will notify the light’s sensors, and it will turn off as the day begins.

7 – The GS-201 Is Weather Resistant

This solar security light was designed for the outdoors. The GS-201’s IP65 weather rating and ABS plastic exterior make it weather resistant. Able to withstand hot summers and cold winters, it shines all night and all year long. No matter what season, the solar light illuminates in the pitch-black dark.

8 – Low Profile That Blends Well With Any Area

Solar Light

The sleek shape and size of this solar security light offers great benefits. The light seamlessly blends in with its surroundings. After installing the GS-201, you may forget it’s even there at all! And if you can’t notice this light, neither will burglars.

No one wants a home invasion. With a motion-activated solar security light, your home is further protected. Thieves are deterred once illuminated by a spotlight of 1440 lumens. The beam spread of the GS-201 can increase the safety of your whole neighborhood!

9 – Can Be Placed in Any Sunny Location

As with all our solar lights, the GS-201 can practically be installed anywhere. Because this light is solar-powered, it requires no bulky electrical wiring and is easy to set up. Feel free to place the light in any sunny location!

The walls near your garage, front door or back porch are the perfect spaces for this light. Do you have trouble navigating the dark because your neighborhood is dimly-lit? Place the GS-201 in highly-trafficked areas. This grants you visibility so you don’t trip over any obstacles in your driveway. You can also find your keys without trouble!

10 – Available from These Fine Retailers

You can shop this solar security light in a variety of places. Take a stroll through Home Depot or shop online at Home Depot or EarthTech Products. You can add the carefully-packaged product to your cart and have it shipped to your home in a few days.

Gama Sonic is proud to design the best and brightest solar security lights in the industry. The GS-201 is definitely favored among our team, and it’s not hard to see why! Its functionalities make it a preferred energy-efficient, home-security solution for all solar-powered enthusiasts. Your nights will be brighter (and 10x more secure) with the GS-201.

If you like the GS-201, you’ll also love the GS-101. Our GS-101 6W Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor is smaller and slightly less bright than the GS-201, but has the same features and benefits. If you need an extra layer of security that’s more compact than the GS-201, look no further than the GS-101.

To view more options for lighting your home at night, view the rest of our solar security and shed lights. Gama Sonic is a world leader in residential and commercial solar lighting solutions. Call us to learn more about our products. 1-800-835-4113

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