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What is the Gama Sonic EZ-Anchor In-Ground Anchoring Kit?

Posted in: , | February 18, 2021

On this blog, you may find that we’ve frequently expressed that our outdoor solar lights are fantastic lighting solutions, not only for their environmental benefits but also for how easy they are to install. Now it’s time for us to shed a spotlight on the unsung hero responsible for that simplicity: the EZ-Anchor.

The EZ-Anchor plays an enormous role in keeping your lamp post and light up and shining. Using either a standard EZ-Anchor kit, a Mini EZ-Anchor, or an EZ-Anchoring System kit, Gama Sonic customers can secure their lamp post to an outdoor surface with no concrete or power tools needed. (Note: only specific single-head lamp posts and bollards are compatible with the EZ-Anchor.)

To explain how EZ-Anchors work, we’ll zoom in on their mechanism and the difference between Gama Sonic anchor types: the EZ-Anchor Solar Lampo Post Anchor Kit, the Mini EZ-Anchor Bollard, and Post Lamp Base, and Anchoring System Kits.

EZ-Anchor Components

All Gama Sonic anchor kits come with:

  • An auger (the drilling device)
  • turning bar
  • A built-in leveling tool
  • securing pin
  • Stakes

Once you’ve chosen the desired location for your outdoor light, hold the auger stake to the preferred spot and insert the turning bar through the stake. Now, with downward pressure, the auger can start digging as you turn the turning bar, becoming a manual drill. To make sure the digging is straight, occasionally check the leveling tool. Stop turning once the stop ring, attached to the auger, meets the ground and remove the turning bar.

You will use the securing pinstakes, and other hardware to secure the anchor to the ground and attach the light’s base to the anchor. How you anchor the light will vary depending on the chosen light and its specific base.


EZ-Anchor vs. Mini EZAnchor vs. Anchoring System Kits

The primary differences between Gama Sonic’s three different anchoring kit types are, of course, size (the Mini being the smaller EZ-Anchor) and that each will be able to attach to a different lamp post base, making them compatible with various items.

With its Adaptor part, the regular EZ-Anchor is perfect for the 6.5 FT Black Decorative Post with 3in Fitter, the 6.5FT White Decorative Post with 3in Fitter, and the Royal Bulb Solar Lamp and Lamp Post (available in Weathered Bronze and Black).
Gama Sonic Imperial Lamp Post GS-97SPRoyal Bulb Single Solar Lamp Dimensions

The Mini EZ-Anchor comes with a somewhat different Adaptor part, which will accommodate the Polaris Bollard Solar Light.

Polaris Bollard Solar Light 178000
Gama Sonic’s Anchoring System Kits are the full package, arriving with the solar light (and bulb), the light post, the base, and an anchor. These are a one-and-done purchase, and two such system kits Gama Sonic offers are the Baytown Bulb Solar Lamp with Planter and EZ-Anchor and the Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Post with EZ-Anchor Base.


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