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10 Ways to Illuminate Your Outdoor Areas with Residential Solar Lights

Posted in: , | June 13, 2022

Using outdoor solar lights is one of the easiest ways to make the outside of your home dazzle and shine to onlookers from the street. Gama Sonic Solar Lighting can give your home’s exterior the makeover you have been looking for, requiring minimal effort, and achieving striking results. Give your home’s exterior a face lift without the hassle of installation or ongoing monthly bills, only by incorporating upscale, durable, bright, and beautiful outdoor solar lights into your outdoor home’s design. Residential solar lighting can be used in a variety of applications, such as solar post lights, solar path lights, solar security lights, solar landscape lighting, solar yard lighting and solar wall lights. They can dramatically enhance the curb appeal of your home. One of the best parts of using outdoor solar lighting as an accent to the exterior of your home is they can be placed anywhere without the need for an electricity source or cable wiring.

For home exterior makeover inspirations, follow our guide for ways to illuminate your outdoor area with residential solar lights.

1. Solar Landscape Lighting and Solar Garden Lights

After all the time and effort spent making your yard and landscaping as beautiful as can be, use solar yard lights and solar landscape lighting to highlight the landscape, hardscape, and walkway areas of your home. Simply place the solar light where it will emphasize features of your landscaping. Position the light into the ground so the light shines upward to light your bushes, shrubs, and flower beds. You can find a variety of upscale, durable, and beautiful solar garden lights that have a modern or traditional style in assorted colors. The Orion triple Head Lamp Post is a great example of solar garden lights that can not only enhance your outdoor areas with a modern look, but also create an abundance of light that is like the 360° light spread of a customary incandescent bulb. The Polaris Double Head Lamp Post achieves a similar look but in a double head option.

2. Storage and Shed Lighting

Storage and shed lighting like the Gama Sonic Solar Yard Light and the Gama Sonic Light My Shed IV does not only illuminate the exterior of any home, but also storage units, outdoor sheds and pedestrian passage areas. For residential purposes, if you have a shed or any storage areas on your property, these lights are exactly what you need to light it up at night without the hassle of electrical wiring or trenching

Light My Shed IV

3. Entryway Solar Lighting  

If your home has a gate or long driveway that welcomes guests to your property, use solar lighting to illuminate the entryway. Use pier-mounted lights on either side of your entryway gate to brighten and decorate the entry point to your home. Gama Sonic’s Royal Bulb Solar Light offers a weather-resistant, rust resistant cast aluminum option, with a stylish powder-coated weathered bronze finish. Entryway solar post lights are available in modern and traditional styles. The Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Post 105BSG01 is a good example, providing ample visibility at night while featuring a traditional design. The Pagoda Bulb Solar Lamp Post 104B001 will also achieve a pleasant light spread, welcoming guests into your home at the stairway, long pathway or a driveway.

Homeowners opt for solar lighting to illuminate the garage area because of their easy DIY installation, with no wiring required. Place lights on either side of the garage to light up your driveway and its surrounding area at night to create a stylish focal point for the home’s exterior. Gama Sonic’s Solar Barn Lights can be used on the walls on either side of the garage to add distinction to the space, while the Triple Head Solar Lamp and Post Set with Round Planter can add a nice ambience to your pathways, patios, deck, front or side door and garden.

The Windsor Bulb Solar Lamp Post  can be used to light up your driveway at night, offering automatic dusk-to-dawn operation after a full day’s charge, and the Spiral Frame Solar Post Light can be used on entryway pillars, but are also available for installation on 3-inch posts, flat surfaces, and walls. The Solar Pillar Commercial Bollard shines light on one or both sides at high or low lumen outputs, giving you incredible control over the light’s function and efficiency for your entryway.

4. Pool Area Solar Lighting

Light up your pool area at night while adding a decorative accent to the area with easy to install outdoor solar lights that require no wiring. Enhance this outdoor deck space with solar wall lights like the Pagoda Bulb Solar Lamp, which has three mounting options, including a wall mount. It is durable enough to withstand outdoor elements with its rust-resistant cast aluminum construction.

Silo Bulb Solar Light is a fantastic example of a sleek, modern light that fits perfectly in a pool area, in addition to the Gama Sonic Solar Coach Lantern, the Gama Sonic Victorian Bulb, and the Architectural Solar Wall Accent Light w/Motion Sensor, which features a back accent light and a motion sensor for extra security. The Aurora Bulb Solar Light is a versatile solar lighting option for your pool area with a modern, sleek design.

5. Pathway Solar Lighting

One of the most common ways to enhance residential outdoor spaces is to light up the pathways around the outside of your home. To safely navigate the pathways on your property, place solar pathway lights on both sides of your pathways and walkways for a superb addition to your outdoor space. Gama Sonic’s Garden Light Shepherd Hook is a great option to place along sidewalks or stepping stones leading to swimming pools, patios, porches, flower or vegetable gardens, pergolas, benches, fountains, ponds, and more.

Gama Sonic’s Contemporary Square Solar Path Light is another great solar path light option with its versatile three ground stake mounting options, while the Premier Garden Dual Light 2 Pack are weather resistant solar pathway lights that come in an attractive black frame. Use the Gama Sonic Modern Solar Post Light or Gama Sonic Stainless Steel Bollard Solar Light with EZ Anchor to illuminate your pathways at night too, for modern options that are versatile enough to blend into any residential exterior. All Gama Sonic solar path lights are durable enough to withstand the elements and will last for years to come.

6. Stairway Solar Lighting

Frankly, going up and down outdoor stairways can be downright dangerous at night without adequate lighting solutions. Gama Sonic’s Architectural Solar Wall Accent Light w/ Motion Sensor is a great option for lighting stairs at night with layered bright white lights and a warm white accent backlight. These solar lights provide the right amount of lighting to guide you through dark spaces, automatically turning on when motion is sensed for extra security.

Architectural Solar Wall Accent Light w/Motion Sensor

7. Solar Wall Lighting

Exterior decorative wall lights can be placed on any exterior wall of your home, adding a design feature that enhances your home’s curb appeal. Gama Sonic’s Farmhouse Solar Wall Light features the unique Translucent Solar Panel (TSP) technology. This is an industry-changing technology that transforms the solar light fixture’s largest surface area – the glass panes – into solar panels. This innovative technology embeds the monocrystalline solar cells into the glass, maximizing the power from the sun. Place this light at a side entrance, near an outdoor kitchen area, outdoor dining area or a rear wall of the home’s exterior.
The Orion Solar Wall Light also utilizes a proprietary technology called the Morph Technology. This is our ground-breaking process of capturing more power from the sun by molding monocrystalline solar cells to the surface of the fixture, “morphing” the solar panel into the outdoor solar light fixture. The Orion Solar wall light is a nice outdoor solar lighting option to for use for wall mount application that features a modern look with an urban industrial twist, while the Polaris Solar Wall light is a solar wall light option that features a sophisticated, yet charming design.

8. Solar Security Lights

Gama Sonic Solar security lights like the Gama Sonic 6W Solar Area Light and the Gama Sonic 12-Watt Solar Security Area Light are cost and energy efficient security lighting solutions that will brightly light the exterior, with an added motion sensor for extra security. Mount to the side of a wall or secure it on a pole for bright lights that alert you to movement outside.

9. Patio Solar Lighting, Deck Solar Lighting and Porch Solar Lighting

Outdoor solar lighting is an excellent addition to your patio when it comes to entertaining family and friends at night. Light up your patio area for evening dinner parties, sharing a glass of wine with your spouse, a night swim, or relaxing with a good book by yourself by using Gama Sonic’s solar post lights, deck, fence and pergola lights or wall lights.

Porch lights can be used to brighten the main entrance of your home at night to safely guide guests towards the front door. Depending on how your porch is designed, they can be used on either side of the doorway, as wall sconces or as pendant lights hanging from the ceiling of your porch. The Gama Sonic Plaza Solar Wall and Post Light can be used as a porch light, with its cast-aluminum mounting arm/post mount that is specially designed to withstand the elements and allow the light to operate year-round. Solar porch lighting can make it easier to enter and exit your home at night while providing a warm glow that adds to the ambiance of your outdoor space.

Gama Sonic has various options for solar patio, deck, and porch lighting, including the Solar Uplight Planter Base, which has built-in solar lights that showcase your outdoor planters at night, the Mosaic Tea Candle Solar Light 3-Pack which gives off soothing light in a rustic tea light design, the Gothic Solar Post Cap Light, for low lighting that can mount onto any fence, deck or patio, and the Baytown II Sconce Solar Lamp – Set of 2, which is a stylish sconce light for your porch or patio.

10. Outdoor Ceiling Lighting

Outdoor ceiling lighting adds an elegant decorative touch to your outdoor space. Use outdoor pendant lighting outside of your front door, above a dining table in your covered patio, or above a seating area in a pergola or any covered part of an outdoor space. Gama Sonic’s Baytown II Bulb Solar Hanging Light is the perfect outdoor light for pergolas, gazebos, or overhangs.

Baytown II Bulb Solar Hanging Light

Transform your home with Residential solar lights from Gama Sonic. Shop exterior decorative post lights, landscape, pathways lights and more. Visit Gama Sonic Residential Solar Lighting page for more details about enhancing your home’s exterior with residential solar lights.

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