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September Project of the Month – Entrance Driveway Transformation

Posted in: | August 17, 2022

Imagine coming home to a well-lit and welcoming home. Not only will it look good, but your home has curb appeal that increases the value of your home. For our August Project of the Month, we present this luxurious driveway upgrade. Driveway lights help establish your home’s perimeter and increase visibility at night while adding a unique charm to your home’s exterior design.

This North Atlanta family sought after beautiful lights that complemented their newly bought home and lit up everything from their driveway and footpath to their front door, and Gama Sonic was there to help. Starting at the entrance of the driveway, where there was a lack of streetlights. They placed the Windsor Lamp Posts by the entrance gate, designed to provide automatic dusk-to-dawn operation after a full day’s charge. These classic post lights are perfect for a suburban home to mark the driveway entrance and stunningly accentuate the nearby landscape. Since the entrance of the house is the first thing guests and others see, this was a key area to light, making it easier to drive into and back out of. This solar-powered light includes three different mounting options: a post mount, pier/flat mount, and wall mount, giving you the flexibility to choose the best solar application for your outdoor solar light.

Up next, lighting up their gated driveway with the gorgeous Spiral Frame Solar Post Light. This contemporary twist on a classic design makes this light a stylish addition to their home. With its unique design inspired by Spanish iron, decorative finial, and beading details, the Spiral Frame Solar Post Light is as stylish as it is practical. Its durable cast aluminum frame and black finish are suitable for all weather conditions and long last light provides up to 20 hours of light after a full charge. Adding a charming look to their driveway entrance.

To help guide them down their large sweeping driveway, we placed the Solar Pillar Bollard for additional driveway lighting. This light can shine from one or both sides at high or low lumen outputs, giving you incredible control over the light’s function and efficiency. The sleek look makes it perfect for modern and transitional styles of outdoor settings. Best of all, it is motion sensitive staying lit when it detects motion through its PIR (Passive infrared sensor) sensor.

Down the driveway and footpath to their front door, they placed the Contemporary Square Solar Path Light, small but powerful the sleek and geometric design of the lights illuminates walkways while increasing safety and security. Instead of letting the dark keep you indoors, create a space that is easy to enjoy around the clock with pathway lights. This fixture provides 80 Lumens of brightness and has a durable cast aluminum frame that is designed to withstand the elements and allow the light to operate year-round. You can also customize the color temperature of your light with the fixture’s warm white or bright white settings. On top of making beautiful plants, stonework, and other features more visible, pathway illumination enhances the overall look of the space.

If the electricity goes out in a storm, these lights remain on so they can safely get into their driveway. This family does not have to worry about power surges when using Gama Sonic’s weather-resistant solar lighting constructed of aluminum cast. The best part about solar lighting is that they do not need complex electrical wiring. No need to mess up your grass or install complex wiring. If you want to create a grand-looking house, then look to light up the exterior of your home with upscale, bright, and durable solar lighting from Gama Sonic.

Do you need help finding the best lighting solution for your driveway? Are you ready to bring style, curb appeal, and safety to your driveway and outdoor walkways? There are many lighting solutions, from post lights to path lights. Bring safety, security, and beauty to your outdoor space with Gama Sonic solar lighting.

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