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Fall Landscaping Tips and Ideas

Posted in: | September 21, 2018

Celebrate Fall with TLC to Your Landscape

It’s official, fall is here and in the air. As the temperature outside begins to drop, now is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you- and what better place to start enjoying autumn than your own lawn. Savor the most colorful season of the year with these fall landscape ideas to create an inviting haven at your front door.

Fall Lawn Maintenance

Breath in the crisp autumn air and let the crunching of leaves underneath your feet be the musical soundtrack to this colorful season. Grab your family and go outside to rake, pile and leap into your fall foliage with weekly rakings to keep your yard looking pristine. Don’t forget to periodically clean your gutters of leaves and debris as buildup could lead to water damage, something no homeowner wants.

Additionally, it’s important to continue to fertilize and mow your lawn throughout the fall season to prevent winter harm to your landscape.

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Clean Exterior

As the trees shed its leaves, your home may become more exposed. Take advantage of this time to give your home a necessary facelift by reapplying paint or pressure washing the exterior of your home. Oh, and while that pressure washer is out don’t forget about your driveway. A driveway is at the forefront of your curb appeal and normally the first part of your home people see when driving by or coming to your house. Inspect it for any cracks and fix them with sealant. Since the temperature outside should be getting cooler, this undertaking shouldn’t be too unbearable.

Fall Garden Flowers

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t continue to tend to your garden plant! Substitute your summer flowers for fall plants with shades of red, orange and burgundy to highlight your fall landscape. Vibrant mums, colorful perennials and beautiful shrubs are bountiful evergreens that will add colorful days of autumn to your landscape. Our Baytown Bulb Solar Lamp Post EZ Anchor and Planter is a bright and easy way to highlight your new fall plants.

Here is a guide for the best seasonal fruits and vegetables during fall

Outdoor Fall Decor

Spruce up your fall landscape with an added touch of outdoor fall decorations: seasonal fall wreaths, accents like wind chimes or ornaments, a lavish seating area or a fire pit. These various decorating ideas will create an inviting touch to your home and reflect your personality and style. To add the finishing touches, our vast array of outdoor solar lamp posts and outdoor solar accent lights are perfect to way illuminate the hard work of your new and improved landscape.

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