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Revamp Your Home’s Glow With NOLA Majesty

Nothing’s wrong with feeling a little bit regal. Inspired by New Orleans’ iconic, commanding architecture, Gama Sonic’s Royal Bulb Solar Light with GS Solar Light Bulb (Wall Mount) is available in Black, Weathered Bronze, and Brushed Bronze. The light’s durability will keep your castle glowing for many years to come.

But what’s a title without power? We wouldn’t crown the Royal Bulb Solar Light for May’s Light-of-the-month spot if it weren’t capable of more than meets the eye. Dusk-to-dawn technology, a new, patented GS Solar LED Light Bulb, and the solar benefit of no wiring give this elegant solar light an efficient, life-simplifying edge.

Royal Bulb Wall Mount Solar Lamp - Weathered Bronze

No Hassle Solar DIY

Cutting the cord has never been more luxurious. Install the Royal Bulb Solar Light without bothering with electrical wiring or natural gas. The light arrives with the GS Solar LED Light Bulb and all the hardware necessary to mount the unit on any wall where direct sunlight will be present. Other than that, let the sun do all the work as you save your money and energy.

GS Solar LED Light Bulb

On the subject of our new, patented solar LED bulb, you’ll find everything you enjoy about the classic incandescent bulb — 360 degrees of light spread and warmth — combined with modern solar technology. Did we mention the bulb’s fantastic 10-year lifespan? It pairs nicely with the lamp’s 2-year warranty.

Royal Bulb Wall Mount Solar Lamp Dimensions


For ultimate energy-saving and hassle-free usage, the Royal Bulb Solar Light incorporates dusk-to-dawn technology. At dusk, the solar light automatically turns on at a brightness of 120 Lumens in a warm white (2700K) color temperature for up to 12 hours on a full charge (around 6 hours of direct sunlight on the panels).

Powerful Build

A delicate, refined build with underlying strength is the trick to this light’s longevity. Constructed with weather-resistant, rust-resistant powder-coated cast aluminum, the Royal Bulb Solar Light won’t buckle under harsh conditions. Internally, the lithium-ion battery pack will last for around 1,000 charges, or about three years, before needing replacement.

Visit our product pages to learn more about the Royal Bulb Solar Light with GS Solar Light Bulb (Wall Mount), or call Gama Sonic at 1-800-835-4113 for more information.

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