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Modern Technology Meets Old-Time Character in the Victorian Bulb Solar Light

Don’t let its 19th-century charm deceive you! This Victorian Bulb Solar Light brings an impressive 21st-century resume to the table. A marriage of personality and efficiency, this light is all durable Victorian-style construction on the outside and cutting-edge technology within.

From the new patented technology of its GS Solar LED bulb to dusk-to-dawn performance, this light incorporates all the brightness and full light spread of a conventional bulb and adds automation, ease of installation, added safety, and sustainability.

No matter how you’d like your light to be mounted, enjoy the Victorian Bulb Solar Light’s maintenance-free status and unique design when it brightens your outdoor space.

Victorian Bulb Solar Lamp and Single Lamp Post with GS-Solar LED Light Bulb GS-94B-S

New GS Solar LED Technology

The GS Solar LED light bulb has all the energy-efficiency of an LED light while providing the 360-degree illumination of a classic incandescent light bulb. It even boasts a 10-year life span, making it highly reliable.

Victorian Bulb 3 Mounting Options with GS-Solar LED Light Bulb GS-94B-FPW

Dusk-to-Dawn Performance

You don’t need to worry about flipping a switch. The solar light’s automatic dusk-to-dawn capability will take care of maintaining a comfortable and safe environment once the sun sets. At dusk, the Victorian Bulb Solar Light will shine with 150 lumens in warm white (2700K) color temperature for up to 10 hours on a full charge.

To reach a full charge, we’d recommend 6 hours of direct sunlight to the solar panels.

victorian bulb solar light GS-94B-FPW-White

3-in-1 Mounting Options

The “FPW” in the light’s name stands for “Fitter, Pier, Wall.” This means that the Victorian Bulb Solar Light can be mounted on top of a 3-inch diameter pole, installed on an exterior wall, or bolted to a flat surface such as deck rails or brick pillars. Choose exactly where you’d like your light to shine–just remember it should get plenty of sunshine.

Gama Sonic Victorian Bulb Solar Lamp Post

Built to Last

Easy, wire-free installation is combined with carefree enjoyment of the light’s presence, as you can trust the Victorian Bulb Solar Light’s build. Its weather-resistant, rust-resistant cast aluminum and beveled glass panes give the light its hardy nature.


Victorian Bulb Triple Solar Lamp with GS-Solar LED Light Bulb GS-94B-T

Victorian Bulb Double Solar Lamp with GS-Solar LED Light Bulb GS-94B-DPart of the Victorian Bulb Family Collection

The Victorian Solar Bulb FPW is part of a matching collection that includes post lamps in both white and black color finishes. We offer single, double, and triple lamp options.

Visit our product page to learn more about the Victorian Solar Bulb Light with GS Solar Light Bulb or call Gama Sonic at 1-800-835-4112 for more information.

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