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Make Every Evening a Timeless Classic with the Plaza Solar Light

Posted in: , | July 9, 2021

When a light stands the test of time, you know it’s a keeper. Eye-catching with its elegantly curved lantern, the Plaza Solar Light with 3in Fitter and Wall Mount is a classic aesthetic choice, neither overstated nor understated but rather just right. Whatever part of your home’s exterior you wish for it to light, whether on a wall or perched on a post, the Plaza will brighten beautifully and with a technological edge.

No style over substance here. The Plaza Solar Light brings with it Gama Sonic’s latest Morph Solar Panel technology, along with Dusk-to-Dawn capability. Advanced utility, along with flexibility and always-on-trend appearance, makes this our Light of the Month pick, and a worthy contender to be your next favorite solar light.

Plaza Solar Light

New Morph Technology

The new Morph Solar Panel technology is quite an upgrade, allowing the fixture to absorb even more sunlight it can convert into powering your light. Though monocrystalline solar panels are still in use, their size is not at all limiting, as the fixture itself is able to morph into a solar panel thus maximizing surface area. 

This is a huge advancement in solar cell technology, and is just another way the Plaza Solar Light packs a unique punch.

3 Way Switch (Dusk-to-Dawn and More)

With its High and Low operation switch, the Plaza Solar Light enables you to pick between softer light and longer duration (Low setting) and brighter light output (High setting) so you can make the choice between ultimate power efficiency or brightness.

Whichever you choose, the light’s dusk-to-dawn capability means it will operate automatically when it senses dusk is approaching, so you won’t need to worry about searching for a light switch in the dark.

Ease of Assembly and Customization

The light arrives with an easy to understand instruction manual, which will walk you through the simple steps of putting together the light fixture. It will also explain how to install the light as either a wall or post mount, so the light can best accommodate your outdoor lighting needs. The fixture comes with all necessary parts, including batteries. Just remember to allow it to charge in direct sunlight for at least 2 full days for best results!

Plaza Solar Light with Wall Mount

Built to Last

This is no finicky or delicate light you’ll have to constantly worry about. The Plaza Solar Light comes with  a reliable lithium-ion battery pack, which will allow it to operate for about 50,000 hours or around 5 years. After this, again, no problem–the pack can be easily replaced, as shown in the instruction manual. Externally, you know the solar panel will remain safe covered with tempered glass. Interested in the durability of tempered glass? We have more information about it here. 

You may be interested to know our Plaza Solar Light series also features the Plaza Solar RLM Light with Adjustable Gooseneck Arm. Check it out if you prefer the flexibility of gooseneck design!

Visit our product pages to learn more about the Plaza Solar Light with 3in Fitter and Wall Mount, or call Gama Sonic at 1-800-835-4113 for more information.

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