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Experience Effortless Style with the Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Post

Posted in: , | February 3, 2021

Make an elegant statement with the Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Post. This 77-inches tall lamp post’s 19th-century design is sure to catch the eye in any outdoor space, and with an EZ Anchor mounting system, the choice of placement is entirely up to you. No need to worry about tools or concrete. The Baytown arrives with everything you will need for its simple installation.

Easy to find in our online store and Home Depot, you can use this light to add charm to any landscape while enjoying all the latest solar technology. The Baytown II features automatic dusk-to-dawn performance and a patented solar LED bulb, all contained in a heavy-duty frame that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Experience Effortless Style with the Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Post

Easy Installation with the EZ Anchor

This lamp post’s EZ Anchor base turns this installation into a simple DIY solution for solar lighting, with no tools necessary. With all the essential hardware at your disposal and with an easy-to-follow instruction manual, mounting the light will be a breeze.

Convenient Dusk-to-Dawn Technology

The solar light’s automatic dusk-to-dawn performance will brighten up the outdoors, even past sunset, without you having to remember to flip a switch. At dusk, the Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Post will shine with 130 lumens in warm white (2700K) color temperature for up to 12 hours on a full charge. Provide the light with 6 hours of unfiltered sunlight for best performance.

Experience Effortless Style with the Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Post

Patented GS Solar LED Bulb

The GS Solar LED light bulb is a twist on the classic incandescent light bulb, incorporating an LED light’s energy-efficiency while providing 360-degree illumination. Enjoy the glow for a long time, thanks to its 10-year life span.

Carefree Low Maintenance

The Baytown II Bulk Solar Lamp Post’s frame is comprised of heavy-duty resin, making it weather-resistant and durable. Even in humid conditions, the lamp will remain rust-resistant. The solar panels are covered with another sturdy material, tempered glass, which will only require the occasional cleaning with a damp towel for utmost efficiency.

Visit our product page to learn more about the Baytown II Bulb Solar Lamp Post or call Gama Sonic at 1-800-835-4112 for more information.

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