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Brighten Your Path with the Premier Garden Dual Light

For an inviting ambiance of warmth and timeless elegance, pathway lights are a perfect solution. The Premier Garden Dual Light can make that walk to your door or stroll through your garden extra special, greeting you with their sleek, wireless design, and gorgeous glow.

Framed in an elegant black finish that will suit any aesthetic, and featuring integrated LED technology for added customizability, the Dual Light is also made of a weather-resistant cast-aluminum that will withstand the elements.

In addition to their beauty and brawn, these lights are also the smart choice for those seeking eco-friendliness and cost-efficiency. The included lithium-ion batteries are solar-powered, which means no drain on the environment, and no electrical or gas bills draining your wallet.

Enjoy the radiance and durability of the Gama Sonic Premier Garden Dual Light -Set of 2.

Premier Garden Dual Light - Set of 2 239002

Set Your Mood, Sit Back, and Bask in the Glow

The Dual Light’s integrated LED technology gives you the option between a bright-white light (6000K), for those who prefer maximum visibility, or a warm-white option (3100K) for a wash of comfort. Flip the external switch whichever way you prefer.

Never worry about remembering to set the lights–the sensors contained within them will detect the sunset and trigger the light’s 360-degree light spread without you having to lift a finger.

The Gama Sonic Premier Garden Dual Light - Light of the Month

Includes Everything You Need for DIY Installation

Your Dual Light will arrive with all the hardware required for installation, as well as a clear instruction manual. All you have to do is screw it together and push the stake into the ground. No wiring is needed for these solar lights, and once they have received 4 hours of direct, unfiltered UV rays, they will be ready to operate. Make sure to install the Premier Garden Dual Light in a well-lit area.

Gama Sonic Premier Garden Dual Light – Set of 2 – 239002

Long-Lasting Solar Capabilities

These solar lights are hardy both outside and in. A durable glass frame protects the integrated LED from damage, and their lithium-ion battery pack will stand the test of time: capable of lasting for about 1,000 charges. Once the battery dies, the pack is easily replaceable.

Visit our product page to learn more about the Premier Garden Dual Light or call Gama Sonic at 1-800-835-4113 for more information.

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