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A Modern Match: The Modern Solar Post Light and 28-Inch Bollard Post

Why separate a perfect match? Although they are sold separately, our Modern Solar Post Light with 3″ Fitter and 28″ Bollard Post with EZ-Anchor go so well together, they both had to be featured as our Lights of the Month. Get ready to transform any residential or commercial outdoor space with these solar outdoor lights.

The Modern Solar Post Light and 28″ Bollard Post bring a bright, contemporary look to their surroundings. With the help of the Bollard Post’s EZ-Anchor, you will have a weather-resistant, stylish solar post light up and ready without wires or power tools. Read on because steady strength, sophisticated design, and overall energy efficiency are only a few of the highlights of this package deal.

Modern Solar Post Light – 3" Fitter 132i90012

Temperature Switch

Enhance the Modern Solar Post Light look by choosing between a warm-white (3100K) or bright-white (6000K) illumination setting. Use the switch found on the lamp to customize the mood or pick the necessary level of brightness.

Modern Solar Post Light – 3" Fitter 132i90012

Energy Optimization

Another switch on the Modern Solar Post Light, the High/Off/Low switch, puts the light’s length of operation and brightness in your control. To conserve power and have the light run for up to 30 hours, the Low Mode is the way to go. For ultimate brightness and lower run time, the High Mode setting will be the one you need.

28" Bollard Post w/EZ Anchor

Reliable Materials

The Modern Post Light and Bollard Post combined offer sturdy materials from the top down. The Modern Post Light’s protective tempered glass keeps integrated LEDs safe. Simultaneously, the light’s cast aluminum frame is weather-resistant, ensuring the light’s long-term durability. Lower down, the stainless steel 28″ Bollard Post will prove itself reliable through harsh weather.

Modern Solar Post Light 132i90012

Easy Installation

With easy-to-follow manuals and no complicated wiring, the Modern Solar Post Light and 28″ Bollard Post can be put together, attached, and anchored to the ground in no time. Gama Sonic’s EZ-Anchor eliminates the need to pour concrete and the use of complicated tools. Learn more about how our EZ-Anchor works here.

Visit our product pages to learn more about the Modern Solar Post Light with 3″ Fitter and the 28″ Bollard Post with EZ-Anchor, or call Gama Sonic at 1-800-835-4113 for more information.

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