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Li-Ion 3.7V/10.4A

Part #GS37V10_4A

The GS37V10_4A is a Lithium-Ion replaceable battery pack that is compatible with select Gama Sonic solar lighting fixtures.


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  • Long Lasting: This Lithium-ion battery pack is crafted to last for about 5 years, or roughly 2,000 cycles

  • Please review your owner’s manual and municipal/regional waste-handling policies on how to dispose of the old battery

Installing and replacing your battery pack is an easy task. Consult the product manual that is included with your Gama Sonic solar light for proper battery installation. When the GS37V10_4A (INR18650) has reached the end of its life cycle, make sure to comply with state and federal regulations during the disposal process.

Part #GS37V10_4A
Measurements (in inches)2.75 W x 2.63 D x 0.75 H in