7 Benefits of HOA’s Switching to Solar Lamp Posts in Residential Neighborhoods

Homeowners’ associations are always looking to save on monthly expenses, while maintaining their goal to keep neighborhood residents safe and secure. When it comes to lighting, going solar can achieve both of these goals and beyond. By replacing outdated exterior lights with commercial grade solar post lights, solar security lights, or solar pathway lights, HOA’s…

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Reach the Height of Safety with the Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer

12W Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer

Whether it’s outside your residence or commercial space, our 12W Solar Area Light with Motion Sensing and Timer will keep the coast clear. When it comes to intruder detection and protection, the dark is not your friend. Bright illumination is a terrific start to deterring unwanted visitors, particularly when combined with Constant-ON and motion-sensing technology. The Solar…

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What are PIR motion sensors and how do solar security lights use them?

What are PIR motion sensors?

A PIR motion sensor (PIR stands for “pyroelectric, or passive, infrared”) is a device that detects movement and heat. These devices, also known as solar PIR units or IR sensors, create a grid that is triggered by changes to infrared energy levels. PIR Motion Sensors are More Common Than You Think Solar security systems utilize…

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A Gift Guide for the Perfect Solar Lights for Your Friends

Holiday Gift Giving

The holiday season is finally here, and with it comes the joy of discovering the perfect gifts for your closest friends. Each friend group is unique, but there are certain personality types that are common for everyone. These quirky characters are sometimes hard to shop for. Luckily, there is a solar light that matches each…

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