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DIY Expert Highlights Gama Sonic Solar Lights on Fox & Friends

Posted in: , | April 27, 2022

It’s about that time to get your lawn and garden ready for spring! The dreary days of winter are gone, which means it’s time to get your BBQ ready, your backyard looking great and to start thinking about ways to enhance your outdoor space.

As seen on a segment of “Fox & Friends”. DIY expert Chip Wade had some tips to get your home warm-weather ready, and we were honored to have Gama Sonic outdoor solar lights included in his segment’s recommendations. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space such as pathways, walkways, flower beds, gardens, and other parts of your yard, our solar lights can deliver the same type of performance as wired lights.

Chip, a designer and contractor who customizes rooms and converted houses into homes on the HGTV and DIY television shows, mentioned Gama Sonic’s Contemporary Square Solar Path Lights and the Solar Garden Light Shepherd Hook models as favorites with up to 6X-8x the solar charging power of an average solar light. “Super-fast and easy to install” Chip concluded and he’s right! All there is to do is place them where you want them, no digging, trenching or wiring required.

The high, low, warm, and cool settings on our solar landscape lighting makes them a versatile option to light up your yard while out enjoying the warmer spring and summer weather.

Spring and summer are the perfect time to enjoy your home’s patio, deck and backyard, and Gama Sonic lights can help transform your home. Our stylish lights will let you stay outside longer with the kids, light up a romantic evening for your spouse and illuminate any evening spent outdoors. Laugh, dance, and toast to friends in a well-lit backyard setting, thanks to Gama Sonic’s DIY solar lights.

Think graduation parties, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, or any other gatherings and so much more. Gama Sonic lights will transform your evenings by providing just the right amount of light without the hassle and cost of digging, trenching and wiring traditional AC lights.

Check out Chip Wayde’s segment here:

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