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7 Benefits of HOA’s Switching to Solar Lamp Posts in Residential Neighborhoods

Homeowners’ associations are always looking to save on monthly expenses, while maintaining their goal to keep neighborhood residents safe and secure. When it comes to lighting, going solar can achieve both of these goals and beyond.

By replacing outdated exterior lights with commercial grade solar post lights, solar security lights, or solar pathway lights, HOA’s can retain the same level of brightness for increased safety with dusk to dawn operation, so that residents are aware of their surroundings, all while saving money, energy and reducing neighborhood lighting maintenance.

Gama Sonic Commercial Solar Lighting

For outdoor areas with a lot of foot traffic, Gama Sonic’s commercial grade solar lighting is a winning solution. Our commercial grade solar lamp posts evoke a welcoming feeling, adding to the overall aesthetic of the neighborhood. The adjustable warm white and bright white settings better suit your lighting needs at night and send the message to residents that the HOA takes pride in the appearance of the neighborhood.

Our outdoor solar lights for commercial spaces are not just for neighborhoods, they are ideal for parks, campgrounds, warehouses, pedestrian passage areas, and any commercial space that needs a high-quality lighting solution.

For residential neighborhood applications, Gama Sonic’s commercial grade solar post lights offer various advantages over outdated electrical or gas-powered lighting. Let’s take a look at some of those advantages.

Why Should HOA’s Make the Switch to Solar Lamp Posts?

1. Cost Effective

Perhaps the most obvious reason to switch to solar lamp posts in a neighborhood is their cost-effectiveness. Gama Sonic’s commercial grade solar lights provide bright and durable lighting with dusk to dawn operation and no ongoing energy bills and no hassle installation. The money savings your homeowner’s association cuts back on each year can go towards more useful objectives to keep the neighborhood safe and remaining a highly desirable community to live in.

2. Safety

There are two parts the role of outdoor solar lights play in keeping a neighborhood safe and secure.  First, switching to solar lighting will offer the same level of safety as any other outdoor lighting option, by fully illuminating pedestrian areas there is less of a chance residents will fall while walking, jogging, or biking and injure themselves. The second part is crime prevention. i.e Lighting up the outdoor space enough to deter any unlawful activity

3. Added Visual Appeal to Neighborhood

One of the biggest advantages of switching to Gama Sonic’s outdoor solar lamp posts is the visual appeal they add to the neighborhood. Products like the Centennial Commercial Solar LED Post Light, Imperial III Commercial Solar Post Light, Everest II Commercial Solar Double Lamps, and the Modern Commercial Solar LED Post Light are all ideal for illuminating walkways and exterior applications with neighborhood pedestrian traffic. Each of these solar lamp posts enhance the space, offering a sleek, high-quality design that will complement the landscaping and style of any neighborhood.

4. Easier Maintenance

Making the switch to solar lamp posts within the neighborhood will decrease the amount of maintenance needed for the exterior lighting. Light up the common areas of your neighborhood by installing the solar lamp posts, and besides a quick and easy battery replacement once every three to five years, there is no maintenance required. The renewable energy source of the sun will charge up the solar lights during the day, and the solar lamps will turn on at night when the light is needed. Instead of spending a fortune to replace outdoor lighting when they start to age or break, solar lighting is a worthwhile asset.

5. No Wiring, digging, or trenching

There’s something to be said for not having to run wires, and not having to deal with the hassle that comes with digging or trenching for electric outdoor lighting. Solar lamp posts can be installed in minutes, in both existing neighborhoods and new construction neighborhoods. Unlike their lighting counterparts that need a skilled electrician to install, solar lighting can be taken out of the box and installed wherever light is needed

6. Go Green

Not only can the residents that live in your HOA’s community benefit from the energy savings associated with switching to solar outdoor lighting, but the entire community can also benefit from going solar. Going solar reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, which makes the community more sustainable as a whole while using the sun as a free, renewable resource instead of paying to light up your neighborhood.

7. Attract More Residents

When HOA communities emphasize on more sustainable living, this will attract more residents. Every community needs outdoor street lighting, so why not show the residents your commitment to the future of the neighborhood by investing in outdoor solar lights that are good for the environment and our wallets?

HOA’s Switching to Solar Outdoor Lighting is a Win All Around

If you’re on a homeowner’s association board, or you’re simply a resident who sees the benefit of solar lamp posts in your neighborhood, consider switching to any of Gama Sonic’s solar lamp posts. Stop paying for outdated outdoor lighting with no long-term value for your residents. Updating your neighborhood’s outdoor lighting with new, modernized solar lights will be an upgrade that not only looks better but also saves the association money in installation costs and ongoing energy bills.

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