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Real cost savings guaranteed with our beautifully designed commercial grade solar lighting solutions

The commercial series solar lights by Gama Sonic provide a superior experience. Bright, durable, maintenance free and cost-effective lighting solutions. No electrical wiring, digging, trenching or running gas lines, saving you both time and money. Complete the form and one of our commercial solar lighting managers will contact you to discuss your needs.

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Gama Sonic commercial grade solar lights are perfect for neighborhoods, parks, campgrounds, commercial spaces and more!

Mebane Community Park, Mebane, North Carolina

River Run RV Resort, Granby, CO

River Run RV Resort, Granby, CO

River Run RV Resort, Granby, CO

Mebane Community Park, Mebane, North Carolina

What our customers are saying about us

See how Gama Sonic commercial grade solar lighting helped customers to achieve significant cost savings

I would highly recommend Gama Sonic lights to other property managers.

“It’s a good solution from the standpoint of cost effectiveness, the atmosphere it provides, and the illumination it has as well as keeping everything fresh and current.”

The batteries last so long, and you have different light settings

“We are really excited about partnering with Gama Sonic solar lighting and being able to utilize these amazing light systems. The cool, warm, high, and low settings allow us to create this great ambience at night as well provide a secure environment.”

The design of the lights is very classic.

“It seems to fit in with the infrastructure of this park which is well maintained. Rather than being an eyesore the aesthetics are beautiful! These lights do not look cheap which you might expect from a solar light.”

We didn’t have to sacrifice our quality of light.

“The lights at the park are fantastic. We chose Gama Sonic over the traditional lighting system because they still provide the same amount of brightness, the installation costs were much lower, and the lights fantastically work from dusk to dawn providing a great amount of light to make our walkers feel safe and secure.“

Gama Sonic solar lights continue to receive compliments and praise from our community.

“We live on a desert, so our activity is the greatest when the sun goes down. The new lights are just perfect. They are beautiful and definitely make a statement to the community.  At dusk, they slowly start their magic of shedding limited lighting and when it is totally dark, they are at full lighting.“