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Real cost savings guaranteed with our beautifully designed commercial grade solar lighting solutions

The commercial series solar lights by Gama Sonic provide a superior experience. Bright, durable, maintenance free, and cost-effective lighting solutions. No electrical wiring, digging, or running gas lines, saving you both time and money. Complete the form and one of our commercial solar lighting managers will contact you to discuss your needs.

installation Easy Installation
eco Eco-Friendly
weather Durable Weather Resistant
five-years 5 Years Warranty* *Restrictions Apply
maintenance Maintenance Free
wiring No Wiring

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For immediate support, contact 1-800-835-4113 between 9 AM and 5 PM EST Monday through Friday.

Our Commercial Solar Lighting

Gama Sonic commercial grade solar lights are perfect for neighborhoods, parks, campgrounds, commercial spaces, and more!

Pedestrian Post Lighting

Commercial grade post lights offer easy installation with styles ranging from modern to traditional. Our fixtures are perfect for new projects with our matching commercial posts or when replacing existing gas traditional AC and gas fixtures.

Signage & Storefront Lighting

The commercial flood and storefont lights are perfect to light your monument or business signs. There is no need for complicated timers or wiring with automatic dusk to dawn operation.

Security Post Lighting

There has never been an easier way to add lighting to secure your buildings. With many of our lights offering timers and motion sensors to give the most flexibility and safeguars for nightly use.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lights are a great way to highlight and define your hardscape, landscape, and walkways. They offer the perfect lighting and are installed in minutes.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

See how Gama Sonic commercial grade solar lighting helped customers to achieve significant cost savings


Bright, very reliable and highly cost efficient.

I would highly recommend the Gama Sonic lights to other property owners. Not only individual property owners but property owners that have multiple units as we do in mobile home parks. It’s a good solution from the standpoint of cost effectiveness and the atmosphere that it presents with the illumination it has. It keeps everything fresh and current.

Dennis Wagoner
Owner, Plantation On the Lake