Rechargeable Fan with Radio


At the beach, by the pool or anywhere outside you happen to be, this 2-speed portable oscillating Fan/Radio cools you off and keeps you entertained. The Gama Sonic GS-26R comes complete with an AM/FM radio, rechargeable battery and plastic casting.

Available colors

  • Rechargeable oscillating cooling fan, 10" blade
  • AM/FM Radio
  • 2 Speeds (High & Low)
  • AC/DC/Battery Operated. Includes Replaceable Rechargeable Battery (6V/2.5Ah) with option for second battery
  • Duration: Up to 4 hours with a single battery; up to 8 hours with a second battery added.
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Model # GS-26R
Battery Lead-Acid
Voltage 6
Charge Capacity 4.5ah
Power Source AC Adapter
Duration One Battery at Low Speed: 3.5-4 hours
One Battery at High Speed: 2.5-3 hours
Two Batteries at Low Speed: 7-8 hours
Two Batteries at High Speed: 5-6 hours
Measurements 15 x 20  (10" fan blade)
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